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We know that energy is the fuel of health. A higher state of energy in the workplace drives deeper commitment, more focus, less turnover, and greater innovation. The more energy we have, the healthier we are. The healthier we are, the more value we create. And, we also know that the way our companies are structured and work day-to-day results in far too much coordination cost and confusion–leaving talent tired, burnt out, unfulfilled, languishing, stressed out, or otherwise worse off. 


It doesn’t have to be this way. There is a better way to run a company. This session will explore the edge of engagement, commitment, leadership, and culture. It will provide searing insights, compelling data, and practice actions to help us all make work less work.

During this session, you'll:

  1. Understand more about the state of work today and why work is harder than it should be.

  2. Gain insight into what it might take to build an "energy restoring" company.

  3. Walk away with clear actions and ideas about how to make their company better.


Speaker Bio:

Dr. André Martin is an organizational psychologist and the author of the book “Wrong Fit, Right Fit - Why How We Work Matters More Than Ever”. He has spent nearly 20 years as the Chief Learning Officer or Chief Talent Officer of iconic brands such as Mars Incorporated, Nike, Google, and Target. Now, acting as Culture Strategist in Residence at, André continues to counsel c-suite leaders and founders on diverse topics such as executive development and succession planning, high performance teams, employee engagement, culture building, and the future of work. When André isn't working to pay for his kids' college education, he can be found with his wife and two English labs (Bode and the Fonz) on the rain-soaked trails around Portland, Oregon.

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