Breakout Session


August 11th at 1PM CST in Madison/Wisconsin Ballroom

VP of Product at

Build Your Company Culture Like a Product

by Andrew Brinkman (He/Him)

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Presentation Description


A strong company culture doesn’t “just happen.” Instead, it takes a proactive, thoughtful, and data-driven approach to generate a culture that supports a thriving, well-connected team. 


So, where to begin? We believe designing a culture is similar to designing a product: you begin with your target user in mind, develop roadmaps, and apply constant experimentation and iteration along the way. 


Why does it matter? Cultures designed with intention see increased employee engagement and better business results. Research shows that organizations selected as Best Places to Work outperform their competitors by a whopping average of 30%! In this talk, we will discuss how to replicate the best practices implemented in product design to create and build company culture—with the end result of happier, more productive teams. 

Three Takeaways:

  1. Why it’s never too late to intentionally evolve your company culture

  2. Best practices from product and design that can help shape your team’s culture

  3. How to translate best practices into action items you can implement today


Speaker Bio:

Andrew Brinkman is the VP of Product at Bonusly, and has a proven track record of building and leading high-performing, empowered, and happy teams. He was previously Director of Product at Sling TV, and before that, was VP of Product at Hudl. In his various experiences, there was always one thing in common: he builds product teams that drive outcomes—they don’t just ship features. Together with his team, he enjoys creating products that customers love and that help businesses grow. 


His family is originally from Nebraska and moved to Colorado last year with his wife and two young daughters. Since living in the mountains, they’ve been taking advantage of all that Colorado has to offer.