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CultureCon 2019


Presentation Description:

Everyone’s talking about change and transformation, but how many organizations are actually transforming themselves? Most of them throw out the slogans du jour – be Agile, show agility, fail fast, delight the customer, take risks. Most of them focus on the mechanics of the work rather than on how people interact and, crucially, how they respond to change. Most of them are missing the point.


This session will kick off with a short audio-visual presentation that challenges the accepted norms about how people, and by extension organizations, experience and react to change. From there we’ll get into a discussion about what is at the heart of making organizational change happen and share ways to tackle the biggest problem facing business today.


Please come ready to join in and share stories from your own experience.

Three Takeaways:

  1. How change myths and outdated models inhibit organizational change

  2. Why changing organizations, not changing people, should be the goal

  3. How the empowerment of employees is both the most effective and the most difficult part of transforming an organization



Andrew Ravenscroft has been, and in some cases continues to be, a gas station attendant, editor, security guard, underwriter, trainer, bakery assistant, industrial equipment refurbisher, operations executive, change manager, day laborer, shop assistant, consultant, strategic business unit leader, unemployed, temp secretary, delicatessen server, shelf stacker, product manager, student, car wash grunt, project manager, writer, administrator, board member, recruitment specialist, agile advisor, assistant dean, and fragrance spritzer. He has qualifications for some of these roles; for the others he just wings it.

Change has been the one constant in his life, which he's spent seeking to understand how people experience this rich, varied and accelerating world, and how they organize themselves to respond to it.

He has been practicing the agile mindset since 2004, and works as a change management and agile consultant.

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Andrew Ravenscroft

Change Management Consultant and Owner, Marinagh Publishing

"Change At the Speed of Thought – 20 Thoughts about Change in 600 seconds"


Thursday, July 18th | 1:00PM - 2:00PM | Madison / Wisconsin Ballroom

(+) Change Management