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Keynote Session

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Presentation Details

When you hear the word leadership, what do you think of? You may think about a specific person, persona, or profile (the toxic leader, the committed leader, or maybe the “well-intended” leader). Or perhaps you have a series of lived experiences that have defined good and bad leadership for you. Many people think about leadership as a position, a name on an org chart, or the person in charge. However, there is a rapidly evolving realization that the next generation of leadership is motivated by identity, purpose, humility, and responsibility to others.

In a modern workplace, thinking about leadership as the person in charge is missing a piece of the puzzle. Leadership has little to do with position and more to do with impact, service to others, and having a positive influence on others. As a modern leader, Angela Howard will unveil the 3 crucial elements for your growth and journey as an impactful leader.

After this session, you'll know:

  1. How to ground yourself authentically in a set of modern leadership values focused on impact.

  2. How you can apply the leadership mentality anywhere - regardless of your position.

  3. The impact of the Leadership Mentality on the wellbeing of people at work.


Speaker Bio:

Angela R. Howard is an organizational psychologist and the CEO of Call for Culture - an organization that applies psychology, anthropology, and, sociology to the science of culture development and change. Her mission is to help transform companies into environments where employees can deploy their contributions for positive organizational outcomes and social impact.

Through micro progressions and a data-backed approach, her team helps leaders diagnose symptoms of harmful culture, be objective in the face of hard truths, and facilitate meaningful change in their organizations through operationalizing culture-building.

Connect with Angela using the social links below and check out her podcast, Social Responsibility at Work, available on all major platforms. 

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