Behavior Design Mastery for Life and Work

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Ted Gurman

Behavior Coach & Architect at Ted Gurman Coaching LLC

"Behavior Design Mastery for Life and Work"

Course Logistics:

  • Duration: 6 consecutive weeks

  • Start Date: Thursday, February 25rd, 2021

  • End Date: Thursday, April 1st, 2021

  • Time: 12PM - 1:30PM (CST)

  • Format: 100% Virtual

  • Online Hosting Provider: MightyNetworks

Course Overview:

If you’re a human, you’ve probably failed to make changes that you’ve wanted to make. Why is it so hard to create and maintain sustainable, positive, habits? 


By default, we aren’t set up well to optimize our behavior. Behavior change is a skill that must be learned. The good news is that once you understand how behavior works, you’ll see that establishing new habits can actually be easy and fun. No, seriously. 

In this 6-week course grounded in cutting-edge research from Dr. BJ Fogg’s trailblazing Behavior Design Lab at Stanford University, you will: 

  1. Transform the way you think about behavior 

  2. Develop the ability to create or eliminate any habit

  3. Leave with behavior design skills that can be shared with your colleagues, family, and community 

Weekly Schedule:​​

Week 1: The Fogg Behavior Model: bring clarity to how behavior truly works, get familiar with the core elements of a habit, and support one another in creating new habits to practice immediately.


Week 2: From Aspiration to Action: uncover what you truly want (More productivity? Less stress? Improved physical health?), and how to use that aspiration as the foundation for selecting new habits. 

Week 3: Make it Easy: learn the 5 levers you can pull to make habits easier to do. 

Week 4: The Power of Prompt: discover the best places in your life to put your new habits.

Week 5: Untangling Bad Habits: leverage the Fogg Behavior Model to reverse engineer undesirable habits out of your life. 

Week 6: Sharing is Caring: now that you’re well on the path to behavior design mastery, you’ll explore ways to infuse this skill set into the workplace or any other area of your life. 

Instructor Bio:

Ted Gurman is a Certified Personal Development Coach and Amateur-Yet Enthusiastic-Auctioneer who infuses a combination of playfulness and deep self-inquiry into his work with individuals, groups, and organizations. His coaching engagements, workshops, and presentations are informed by an eclectic array of professional experiences, from coaching sports (he gives a mean pep talk) to teaching Spanish (¡De verdad!) to founding a healthcare consulting company that eventually grew to over 300 employees before being acquired. Ted integrates research-driven tools and practices from the fields of psychotherapy, psychology, and behavioral science in his quest to foster positive change and alleviate suffering.

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