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Presentation Details

In today's fast-paced workplaces where stress is escalating and innovation is key, fostering employee belonging is crucial for success. Research confirms that cultivating belonging minimizes burnout, enhances overall wellbeing, and sparks collaborative problem-solving.


Join our interactive session led by workplace culture consultant, Beth Ridley, and Learning and Development Innovation Leader at Goodwill Industries, Ann Newman, to gain step-by-step guidance to build a sustainable culture of belonging and drive leadership accountability for practicing inclusive behaviors.


Using real-world examples from the approach implemented at Goodwill, Beth and Ann will:

  • Demystify Belonging: Understand what belonging is, what research tells us about why belonging matters, and how to measure belonging at work.

  • Reveal Inclusive Leadership Behaviors: Learn the five inclusive leadership behaviors foundational to a culture of belonging.

  • Share Workplace Culture Transformation Strategies: Acquire the step-by-step strategies used by Goodwill to embed inclusive behaviors into leadership development, performance planning, and review processes in order to drive leadership accountability for advancing a culture of belonging and driving sustained and transformative culture change.


This session is your chance to elevate your inclusive leadership competencies and gain best practices for driving meaningful change within your organization.

During this session, you'll receive:​​

  1. Inclusive Leadership Action Steps: Acquire practical tips to seamlessly integrate inclusive behaviors into daily leadership practices. These tips can be applied right away in order to strengthen a sense of belonging among work teams and during meetings.

  2. Culture Transformation Process steps: Learn step-by-step strategies used by Goodwill Industries to embed inclusive behaviors into leadership development, performance planning, and review processes. These proven best practices will empower attendees to drive leadership accountability for advancing a culture of belonging to sustain transformative culture change within their organizations.

  3. ​Belonging Measurement Best Practices: Gain insights, best practices and recommended survey questions for measuring belonging and the impact of embracing inclusive leadership behaviors in your workplace.


Speaker Bio:

Beth Ridley is a former corporate executive turned organizational transformation consultant, speaker and author. Beth combines 25 years of global leadership and management consulting experience with expertise in diversity and inclusion and positive psychology to partner with leaders to transform workplace cultures to better achieve their vision and goals. Beth’s work is featured in national publications and she frequently delivers keynotes and workshops at events around the world. Beth lives with her husband and three children in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.


Ann Newman is a senior executive at Goodwill Industries with 15+ years experience optimizing products, personnel and procedures to drive organizational excellence. As Goodwill's Learning and Development Innovation Leader, Ann impacts change by consulting and collaborating with company owners as well as frontline managers and employees.

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