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In the early ‘90s, a customer asked CEO of Interface, Ray Anderson, "What's your company doing for the environment?" When Ray realized he couldn't answer this question, he created a company task force to solve it. As he prepared a speech to give to the task force kick-off meeting, he read Paul Hawken’s “The Ecology of Commerce” and was deeply moved. He described the experience as an epiphany, his “spear in the chest” moment that changed his perspective on business and sustainability forever.


After the life-changing breakthrough, Ray embarked on a high-stakes quest to eliminate all the negative environmental impacts of his organization by 2020. 


To succeed, his business needed to overcome deep skepticism, abandon the status quo, and ignite a new industrial revolution. 


Beyond Zero is a hugely hopeful story that follows this world-changing journey and offers an inspirational roadmap for how business can reverse climate change.

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