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Keynote Speaker


August 10th at 12:30PM CST in Madison/Wisconsin Ballroom

Chief People Officer at

There Is No Leadership Without Empathy

by Colin Mincy (He/Him)


Presentation Description

To care about the work you must care about the people. In this moment where we are coming out of difficult few years, employees more than ever need leaders who understand that we must go beyond the work, take care of those who are entrusted to us by investing in and supporting them through meaningful and cadenced engagement. This also means we have to create space to ensure that it is okay to not always be okay, find ways that we can get great work from people in ways that are healthy and meaningful, and acknowledge that people have different ways of working that can be supported to set people up for long term success. This is all possible without a decline in quality or consistently of output - in fact thinking through this lens has been proven to strengthen it. And organizations that aren't invested in this way of leading will lose great talent to companies that are looking to care for the whole employee.

Three Takeaways:

  1. Ways to elevate stress and resilience and empathetic leadership in your organization with intentionality.

  2. How the changing work landscape demands that we lead differently and the danger of missing the moment.

  3. Making the case that you can show empathy and still drive excellence; it isn't mutually exclusive.


Speaker Bio:

Colin Mincy is Human Rights Watch’s first Chief People Officer. The organization elevated the role to demonstrate the organization’s commitment to implement diversity, equity, and inclusion strategies and to ensure a resilient and thriving staff in ways that reflect the organization’s global role, identity, and mandate. Colin sits on the Executive Team and directs the organization’s global human resources function. He oversees recruitment and hiring, international compensation and benefits, performance management, learning and development, and employee and labor relations. Prior to joining Human Rights Watch, Colin was the Director of Culture and Change Management for Open Society – US, and managed human resources operations for Open Society Foundation’s US offices. Colin also worked at the International Rescue Committee leading the regional human resources function for its US and European headquarters. Previously, Colin worked in the finance and technology sector as HR Business Partner Consultant for CFO Americas at Credit Suisse, Head of Human Resources at Tracx, and led SimCorp North America function in New York and Toronto. Colin serves on the Board of Directors for Workforce Professionals Training Institute (WPTI), a non-profit training and technical assistance intermediary for New York City’s workforce and Youth Represent, a non-profit dedicated to ensuring young people in NYC affected by the criminal justice system are afforded every opportunity to reclaim lives of dignity and engagement in their communities. He is also an advisor, alumni and volunteer of INROADS, the nation’s largest non-profit source of paid internships for diverse, high performing, undergraduate students. Colin has appeared on many global conference stages, LinkedIn for Non-Profits, LinkedIn Live, podcasts and other convenings where he frequently dialogues on an array of topics around leading with empathy, employee engagement, work culture, stress and resilience and DEI.

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