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From the Inside Out: Equity-centered Organizational Change

 by Diara Parker

Course Description

Course Description

Course Logistics:

  • Status: Pre Registration

  • Start Date: TBD

  • Time: TBD

  • Duration: TBD

  • Format: 100% Virtual

  • Hosting Provider: Zoom/MightyNetworks

Course Overview:

Equity work is ultimately about human connection. It's about our connection to ourselves and our humanity, which extends to those around us, as well as impacts our ability to effect larger scale change within our work spaces. While organizations across industries are prioritizing diversity, equity, and inclusion, well-intentioned change agents often struggle with navigating the internal and external transformations needed to move beyond diversity and authentically create space for and uphold equity, anti-racism, and social justice.​

In this reflection-based course, you will:

1. Gain clarity on your individual strengths and opportunity areas within equity work (self)
2. Learn to identify ways in which white supremacy culture, power, vulnerability, and identity impact your workplace relationships (self to others)
3. Strengthen your capacity to introduce, support, and lead equity-centered organizational policy and systems change (self to systems)

About Instructor

About the Instructor

Diara Parker Headshot.jpeg
Diara Parker

Vice President of Operations  |  EQT Consultant at EQT by Design

Instructor Bio:

Diara Parker is an equity and inclusion advocate, as well as a change management and organizational culture champion. As a consultant and Vice President of Operations for EQT By Design, Diara supports organizations and communities as they redesign, build, and implement strategic initiatives using an equity-centered change management approach. She has experience leading organizational strategy development, systems analysis, and community engagement through an equity-centered lens on both a local and statewide level. Diara has a bachelor's degree in Psychology and Legal Studies from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a master’s degree in Organizational Leadership and Development from the University of Colorado Boulder.

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