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Learning to Ride the Waves: Cultivating an Agile Mindset

 by Jennifer Anderson 

Course Description

Course Description

Course Logistics:

  • Status: Now enrolling

  • Start Date: TBD

  • End Date: TBD

  • Time: TBD

  • Format: 100% Virtual

  • Hosting Provider: MightyNetworks

Course Overview:

Today’s business environment requires an adaptive organizational culture. How do we make the shift from a traditionally fixed, rigid way of working to one that is more flexible, accepting, and resilient? The truth is, we can implement agile frameworks all day long, but without the crucial shift in mindset, the ability for organizations to pivot and adjust repeatedly – whether due to external market swings or internal organizational change - will remain a significant challenge.  


As leaders, this cultural shift starts with us. We must learn to adapt with ease and lead the way for our teams. An agile mindset - the ability to respond (vs react) to change in increasingly complex and ambiguous environments - begins and ends with a deep understanding of self. Let’s dive in and learn to navigate the waves so that we can more effectively lead our teams through near constant change and uncertainty. 


Session 1: Start with awareness 

Session 2: Respond with intention 

Session 3: Learn to adapt 

In this course, you will:

  • Learn how to develop a deeper understanding of habits and reactions to change 

  • Learn how to regulate and respond when the environment swirls 

  • Learn to ride the waves and lead from the center 

About Instructor

About the Instructor

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Jennifer Anderson

Senior Advisor at FarWell

Owner at Resilience Yoga Therapy

"Learning to Ride the Waves: Cultivating an Agile Mindset"

Instructor Bio:

Jennifer Anderson, MS, is a Senior Advisor at FarWell and Owner of Resilience Yoga Therapy. She is a seasoned change coach, specializing in guiding leaders and teams through complex change in increasingly volatile and uncertain environments. She promotes mindfulness, transparency, and compassion to create adaptive culture and positive organizational change. Jennifer is a PSM-1 certified scrum master, ProSci certified change practitioner, C-IAYT certified yoga therapist and long-time yoga and meditation teacher. 

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