Breakout Session


August 11th at 2:15PM CST in Madison/Wisconsin Ballroom

Lead People Scientist at

You Can't Do This Alone - The Critical Need for Community to Make Culture Change Happen 

by Craig Forman (He/Him)

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Presentation Description

 The importance and need for healthy organizational transformation is more important know than ever. However, the idea that a small groups of people tucked away inside of organizations will be able to drive the collective change that is required as we emerge from Covid is simply not realistic. Craig has both supported hundreds of organizations with cultural design as well as helped to build Culture Amp's Culture First global community. In this talk Craig will share his experience, learnings and insights regarding what we need to be thinking about moving forward and how a strong community of likeminded and aligned people is critical to our success in building healthier more human focused organizations.

Three Takeaways:

  • What Culture Amp's data is telling us about the current state of our workplaces

  • How to approach and think about bringing together likeminded people focused on building more healthy organizations

  • How they can immediately get involved to be part of the workplace transformation

Speaker Bio:

Craig Forman is a Lead People Scientist with Culture Amp where he both supports organizations to build effective people and culture strategies along with building the worlds largest community of people who believe a better world of work is possible. At the core of his work is a mission to help the world work better by improving the places we work. 


He holds a Masters degree in Industrial / Organizational Psychology, is a proud veteran of the US Air Force.