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Presentation Details

Increased DEI expectations and goals have led to many positive outcomes, but even organizations committed to building diverse and inclusive cultures hit roadblocks. Do employees have DEI fatigue? Have leaders moved on to other urgent priorities? Is it just too hard to affect systemic changes?

If you are struggling to sustain high levels of DEI progress and change while your organization’s focus has shifted, you are not alone.


This session will explore roadblocks and the challenges of driving deep, systemic change. Learn how companies can disrupt the common “boom or bust” cycle of progress toward DEI goals through leadership development and inclusive culture building.  


Specific Practices Include: 


  • Set realistic stretch goals for inclusion and belonging as part of the business strategy.

  • Secure the ongoing support of senior leadership and employees for this important work.   

  • Create hiring systems that attract diverse leadership.

  • Ensure inclusive practices are threaded through all leadership development. 

  • Promote DEI priorities and progress through internal and external communications.

  • Plan a flexible DEI strategy that can adapt and pivot to changing business conditions.


Through real-world stories, learn how to shift long-established culture norms and misconceptions and create new practices and learning experiences to advance and sustain your DEI goals.

After this session, you'll know:

  1. Best practices for weaving diversity, equity and including into your operating procedures to drive systemic change.

  2. How to leverage an inclusivity framework to improve employee engagement and overall effectiveness.

  3. 3 ways to re-engage senior leaders in DEI, speaking in their language.


Speaker Bio:

Ellen Bailey is based in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and is the Vice President of Diversity and Culture at Harvard Business Publishing (HBP). In 2020-2021 she led a cross-organization initiative to take more substantial action on diversity, equity, and inclusion in HBP. Her work was instrumental in helping the organization advance its internal practices and create solutions and products for leaders and consumers to help promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in business and learning settings. Ellen developed and launched HBP's strategy, vision, mission, and goals for diversity, inclusion, and belonging, and engaged the organization and its customers in this work. Today, Ellen continues to drive employee engagement and business results by serving as a catalyst to promote a culture of inclusion and a sense of belonging with individuals and organizations outside of HBP.

Throughout her professional career, Ellen has provided strategic and innovative leadership development that builds strong leadership cultures with a particular focus on advancing diversity and inclusion for organizations. 

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