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Presentation Details

An Employee Value Proposition (EVP) is the deal between an employer and an employee. It’s the whole experience that an employee has at a company, in return for the skills, values and behaviours they offer. A great EVP defines the unique essence of an organisation.


Put simply, it’s what you get for what you put in. But, can it also shift culture? Can it help us to design great employee experiences? Historically a talent tool, today a powerful cultural unifier.


Sounds great right? So, how do you use an EVP to influence organization-wide cultural transformation? Let’s answer that one, together.


After this session, you'll know how to use an:

  1. Employee Value Proposition (EVP) as a foundational project to shift and transform culture.

  2. EVP to map your current state and desired culture.

  3. EVP to design world-class employee experiences that attract and retain top talent.


Speaker Bio:

Hattie is the Co-Managing Director and Chief Strategist at Home, a global employee experience agency. Since joining Home, Hattie has shaped strategies that have resulted in significant cultural shifts for some of the world’s leading organizations.


Home’s vision is to make every employee experience a great one, from hire to retire. Hattie does that through an employee-led approach to employee experience design, culture shift strategy, and innovative leadership development. Creating environments where people do their best work, driving better business outcomes.


You can keep up with Home’s thoughts about the new shape of work at

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