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Breakout Session

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Presentation Details

Let’s talk. As the world’s leading music company, Universal Music Group nurtures music and fosters artistry and self-expression. The same applies for how HR teams must nurture and foster their employees. When we establish trusting relationships by ensuring each person is given the safe space to raise their voice, employees can acknowledge their truth and share their opinions in their own communication style, without fear of judgement or shame. Speaking and talking are cultural expressions and when we understand this, we can help leaders get back to the basics of understanding people.

After this session, you'll know that:

  1. Some people talk effusively as their norm. It doesn’t mean they have a specific “feeling” about something.

  2. Volume is often a physical trait and does not need to be seen as emotion.

  3. Understanding communication style differences can save a lot of hurt feelings.


Speaker Bio:

Heidi Pancake takes a pragmatic approach to leadership by establishing trusting collaborations based on a commitment to candor and kindness. Difficult conversations without difficult relationships leads to mutually accountability and continued growth.

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