CultureCon 2019 has been awarded HRCI (HR Certification Institute) credits! Since certain sessions qualify for Business Credits vs. HR Credits, we have provided a breakdown of our qualifying sessions below. One attendee can earn a maximum of 8 HR credits. HR Professionals who hold the SPHR/SPHRi will receive 5 HR Credits and 3 Business Credits.

Conference 'Activity ID': 388436


Business Credits*:

  1. "CULTURE Needs U: How to Make Your Unique Mark on Culture"

  2. "Why Culture Change Initiatives Fail (and How to Avoid It)"

  3. "Getting Serious About Culture Starts with Getting Serious About Data"


HR Credits**:

  1. "Leading Your Team In Permanent Whitewater"

  2. "How to Support Women of Color at Work"

  3. "Think Like a Marketer, Your Employer Brand Depends on It"

  4. "TRUST AT WORK: The New Employer/Employee Contract"

  5. "Synchronize How You Hire to Your Culture"

  6. "Coaching for Culture Change: Achieving Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Trenches"

  7. "The Power of Pause: Creating Resilience Amidst Constant Change"

  8. "Secrets to Maximizing Employee Engagement and Performance in Minutes"

  9. "Growth Lab: 'How to Grow People (and yourself) Faster'"

  10. "Change At the Speed of Thought – 20 Thoughts about Change in 600 seconds"

  11. "Aliveness at Work"

  12. "Employee Engagement: How Far Should You Go?"

  13. "Leadership and Building Your Own A-team"

Does not qualify:

  1. "The Brain Science of Agile: Becoming Adaptable in a Rapidly Changing World"

*Business credits focus on Strategic and policy-making aspects of HR management in the US.

**HR credits focus on: Technical and operational aspect of HR practices, laws, and regulations in the US.

If you have specific questions surrounding how to submit your recertification credits, please contact HRCI directly.