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Presentation Details

Young people have no faith that established systems will deliver security and prosperity. As a result, they are becoming increasingly disengaged from the established world of work.


Older generations show signs of adopting a critical and adversarial position.


We face a widening ‘empathy gap’ between generations within the workplace which is limiting efficiency, productivity, innovation and our capacity to thrive as a cross-generational workforce. Building cultural literacy is the first step.


In this presentation, we’ll explore the theory of cultural literacy and ways in which it can be applied usefully to the business of engaging your workforce and fostering a cohesive and fruitful working culture which maximizes the value of diversity.

During this session, you'll how to:​​

  1. Build an empathy map for your organization

  2. Build cultural literacy through employee listening

  3. Implement new modes of leadership: how to account for cultural insights authentically


Speaker Bio:

Joe is Strategy and Planning Director at BrandPointZero with a focus on employer brand, talent attraction, and employee engagement. He spent 12 years working on consumer brands in global advertising networks before focusing on employer brand in 2021. Joe is particularly interested in how culture, technology, and commercial creativity intersect and inform one another.

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