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Johanna Pagonis

Owner at Sinogap Solutions

"Developing Managers into Emotionally Intelligent Leaders"

Presentation Date, Time and Location - TBD

Presentation Description:

Managers are the linchpin to organizational success and employee engagement, but there is not a lot of support in learning how to be a manager. Trail by fire is a common method that many managers have experienced in the workplace, which is not the best way to learn. A failure to develop manager competence can negatively influence an organization’s ability to compete in today’s shifting global market. Organizations need to create a climate for managers where continuous learning is not only supported, but is embedded in workplace culture as well.

During the workshop, participants will integrate concepts from emotional intelligence, organizational theory, management, leadership, and workplace learning into a cohesive way that will support the design of meaningful processes and strategies to enhance the quality of workplace learning for their managers. Participants will walk away with tangible and practical strategies that can be implemented to support the development of manager and leadership competencies that are embedded in everyday work.

Three Takeaways:​​


1. The SINOGAP Workplace Learning Framework, which is an evidence-based model that provides a framework that links formal training to the workplace and increases the likelihood that knowledge gained from a course will be transferred to the workplace.

2. A case study that will illustrate a concrete example of how one organization developed and implemented a workplace learning strategy for their leaders.

3. Finally, a list of workplace factors (e.g. enablers and barriers) that need to be considered when developing a workplace learning strategy.



I have 15+ years experience in leadership and organizational development that I have gained throughout my professional and academic career. I have led the design and delivery of evidence-based and credible employee learning and development programs in the non-profit, private, and public sector on a national and international level. Additionally, I have led impactful organizational change initiatives by establishing positive connections and relationships to leverage learning opportunities, resources, and expertise to fulfil an organization’s vision.

My organizational development expertise has culminated from years of operational experience, which enabled me to successfully lead and oversee the design of organizational improvement strategies. I led the design and implementation of a leadership development framework for the Government of Alberta. An organization of approximately 7000 people, which was grounded in my PhD research on managerial development. A key strategy of the design was to research the challenges managers were experiencing, so that a focused and practical solution could be designed and implemented. Results revealed that managers’ confidence and commitment towards their teams and the organization grew, which led to increased employee engagement and achievement of business goals.

I have worked with various organizations such as, Interpol, Edmonton Police Service, Vancouver Police Department, Alberta Government and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in developing programs in officer safety, investigations and leadership.

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