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Breakout Presentation

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Presentation Details

The intersection between diversity, inclusion, product, and employer brand has dramatically accelerated in the past three years. Katharyn White, a global marketing leader at Google, will be joined by Emily Goodson, a startup advisor specializing in Series A and B companies, to discuss and present real-world examples of branding done right, and a few that have gone awry.

After this session, you'll know:

  1. The relationship between company and the employer brand, and how HR and Marketing leaders should partner to have a cohesive message.

  2. Action steps for leaders to take for auditing and owning their company’s approach.

  3. Real-life examples of companies taking a stand on DEI and other societal issues - both in productive and performative ways.


Speaker Bio:

Katharyn White is Google's Head of Marketing for Public Sector. She is a Marketing Society Fellow, who led T-Systems marketing and channels, and as part of the leadership team transformed the organization, function and clients. Katharyn brings to this role a passion for positive change, and over twenty five years of GTM, channels, transformation and government experience.

Katharyn was previously Senior Vice President and General Manager for MITRE Public Sector, and prior to that, IBM's global consulting transformation leader, both of which required her leadership to deliver a differentiated and impactful client and citizen experience. She delivered this impact leveraging her previous experience as sales leader of IBM's Apple partnership to redefine enterprise mobility. This blend of IBM analytics and Apple's user experience defined a new class of enterprise mobility which empowered employees. She was IBM's Managing Partner in Kenya, leading clients across Central, East, West Africa. She was previously CMO, IBM Global Business Services where she applied analytics to refine the marketing mix, led the Business Analytics launch, co-led the SmarterPlanet brand and strategy efforts, and developed a point of view, with supporting curriculum, on the future of the marketing profession. Previously, she led marketing and strategy in Europe across IBM’s hardware, software, and services portfolios.

Katharyn was a member of IBM’s global Senior Leadership Team, and in that role, created and led the team’s efforts to enable every IBMer, and our clients, to deliver, and benefit from the Globally Integrated Enterprise, resulting in Global Enablement Teams, and IBM Corporate Service Corps.

Katharyn is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Duke University (Mechanical Engineering and Material Science) and holds a Masters in Management from the Georgia Institute of Technology. She is a graduate of the Marketing Academy, a McKinsey program for CEO readiness.

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