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Breakout Session

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Presentation Details

If you want a culture fueled by inspiration and original ideas, you must find new ways to encourage your people to bring their imaginations to work. In this upbeat, colorful session, get a behind-the-scenes peek at Hallmark’s renowned creative community — one of the largest in the world. Hear from Kristi Heeney-Janiak, Senior Director of Employee Experience, about Hallmark’s collective journey toward a more clearly defined sense of purpose and how a renewed commitment to pure exploration, artistic expression, and craft leads to a more inspired and engaged workforce.

You’ll learn how innovative initiatives like #My5Days and the Talent Exchange encourage talent at Hallmark to step away from the day-to-day to connect with the world around them, take risks, learn new skills, and gain new perspectives and then bring that new thinking back to their work.

After this session, you'll know:

  1. How to define and foster a sense of purpose, which translates to building an effective and inspiring culture

  2. How to step away to learn and explore

  3. How to bring new thinking and perspectives back into your work


Speaker Bio:

Kristi is a Senior Director of Employee Experience for Hallmark, leading Culture and Talent Development for one of the world’s largest creative organizations of 500 artists, designers, writers, stylists, photographers and other creative professionals. She guides global efforts to create engaging culture and inspire talent to expand their skillsets and mindsets, all of which helps strategically position Hallmark’s creative capabilities. Kristi has built partnerships with brands like Disney, Starbucks and Tiffany & Co—sharing best practices in fostering culture and encouraging personal development. That expanded perspective lets her break away from typical processes and infuse new thinking throughout the creative community.

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