Virtual Summit 2020


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Kristi Heeney-Janiak (She/Her/Hers)

Creative Culture and Talent Development Manager at Hallmark

"Inspiring a Purpose Driven Creative Culture"

Presentation Date and Time - TBD

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Presentation Description:

Fostering a culture of creativity encourages talent to bring their imaginations to work, adding original ideas and ultimately value in a way that may not otherwise be realized. Sponsored by Hallmark’s creative leadership team, the #my5day initiative demonstrates that renewal and external inspiration are critical to personal development and the benefit they provide to Hallmark. Each year, every talent in a creative role (~800 individuals), is given 5 days of accountable time to step away from the day-to-day to renew, explore, learn, and think differently. Through #my5days, their talent are able to gain new perspectives, focus on our craft, bring new thinking back into their work and find new ways to connect with their consumer, the marketplace, and the world around them. Learn how this unique initiative came to be, what they've learned, and how #my5days has shaped talent, mindsets, and creative culture at the largest employer of creative professionals in the world.


1. How to build and foster a creative culture

2. How to define and live a Sense of Purpose

3. How to bring new thinking and perspectives back into your work



Kristi has spent her 27-year career at Hallmark driving leadership, team and organizational excellence through roles in customer development, retail training, HR and creative. Along this journey she discovered her passion for coaching talent and elevating the skills and mindsets of current and future Hallmark leaders. Kristi’s currently focused on building a winning culture within Hallmark’s creative community, a project that began with a key initiative to define the organization’s sense of purpose. As the leader of a team dedicated to developing a culture of thinkers, makers, and leaders, she is responsible for driving the organization's creative leadership forward and raising the profile of the Hallmark creative organization's brand. In her current role, she also leads strategy for Hallmark's Creative Leadership Symposium and #my5days initiatives.