Breakout Session


August 10th at 3:30PM CST in Capitol Ballroom B

Global Leader - Culture, Talent & Inclusion at

Lessons Learned in Developing and Executing a Culture & Inclusion Strategy…

by Malcolm Gabriel (He/Him)


Presentation Description

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This presentation begins with explaining the important transformational role of affinity groups and executive listening sessions in forming the foundations of a broader ID&E strategy because nothing progresses without authentic conversations. 


Thereafter, it lays out the importance of data and the process for articulating the business imperative - the catalyst for ID&E. A clear understanding of the business strategy and trends with customers, end-consumers, suppliers, investors, and talent demand and supply are necessary for collating the elements for the business imperative.  


The next step explains how crafting the ID&E vision is derived directly from the business imperative, and how the vision statement sets the framework for establishing the ID&E goal categories. Using data to establish baselines, it then lay out how to set goals and scope initiatives for realizing the goals.  


In any business, “what gets measured gets managed” and making progress requires looking beneath the layers of talent decision processes such as performance rating evaluations, promotional decisions, and the flow of candidates through the hiring process. Here the presentation draws out the design of the executive ID&E dashboard for measuring progress.  


While progress is typically realized through an amalgamation of efforts that addresses mindsets, behaviors, and talent decision-making processes; sometimes unforeseen variables can impede progress. This part of the presentation shows the journey in tying executive incentives to goal achievement to help drive results amidst unforeseen situations. 

Three Takeaways:

Attendees will learn:

  1. A process for developing and executing a strategy 

  2. Ways to uncover and navigate overt and covert resistance 

  3. How to engage all employees in the journey 


Speaker Bio:

Malcolm is the Global Leader of Culture, Talent & Inclusion at Corteva Agriscience – a $14B global biotech agriculture company. With over 2 decades of experience in enabling the achievement of business results through talent, culture and inclusion strategies, Malcolm also contributes intellectually to these topics by routinely authoring blogs and articles.  


Malcolm’s most recent engagement was in leading the development of Corteva’s culture, diversity and inclusion strategy by articulating the business imperative, developing 5-year goals, launching and overseeing 16 global enterprise-wide initiatives, monitoring progress via an executive dashboard, and accelerating focus by designing the method for tying elements of executive incentives to the ID&E scorecard. 


Malcolm lived and worked in South Africa, Canada and 6 states in the U.S., and brings his personal experience of navigating different geographies, industries, and contexts to the understanding of the culture nuances in the execution of business strategies.  


Malcolm has a master’s degree in Industrial & Organizational Psychology (IOP), as well as a master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA). This triangulation of systems-oriented thinking and business fundamentals is how he approaches organizational analytics, assessment, and design. 


As a self-professed renowned Salsa dancer, Malcolm is also a strong proponent of working hard and playing even harder. He is allergic to small-minded thinking, and has a thirst for engaging people who view adversity as an introduction to oneself and an invitation to define destiny.