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Breakout Presentation

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Presentation Details

3+ years into the great remote work experiment, companies are still grappling with how to engage employees in the new world of work and the impacts on team culture. Megan Bickle shares research on how employee engagement has evolved over the last few years and provides easy to implement actions that you can take away to drive engagement with your teams.

After this session, you'll know:

  1. How to use a social channel to create team cohesion (with examples).

  2. "Working with me": an exercise that any leader can immediately implement to reduce the relational building time that hybrid requires in team formation.

  3. How to incorporate the feedback from your company's engagement survey into your team engagement initiatives: simple steps to have a huge impact on team culture.

Speaker Bio:

Megan’s passion for work can be found at the intersection of organizational productivity and employee engagement. She is on a mission to make the future of how we work beneficial for our employers and ourselves. For Megan, the first, and most crucial step to obtaining this future vision of work is through talent and organizational development initiatives. Megan also knows that culture is everyone’s responsibility and thriving culture can only be achieved through partnership with all stakeholders, HR, leaders, and employees. From redesigning performance management, leading capability development, and empowering stakeholders with learning and analytical insights, her work has spanned all aspects of talent management with an emphasis on facilitating change management and organizational transformation.

Megan has held leadership roles at global organizations including Western Digital, Dropbox and GE Digital. She has a Master’s in Organizational Development from the University of San Francisco and a Bachelor’s in Organizational Leadership from Marquette University.

Two of Megan’s favorite hobbies are running and travel. She brings the same enthusiasm and collaboration to her personal hobbies as she does to her work life; she is currently training to take part in the New York City Marathon this November. 

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