PreCon Workshop 

PreCon 2022

Tuesday, August 9th, 2022

Hosted at StartingBlock Madison

821 E Washington Ave., Suite 200

Madison, WI 53703


12:30PM: Registration and Networking

1:00PM: Workshop

5:00PM: Tour of Starting Block

5:30PM: Executive Happy Hour & Startup Showcase

7:00PM: Adjourn

Lead​ing Innovation: Mindset, Skills and Action for New Growth

Facilitate Design Thinking for Innovation


**This workshop is intended for executives and high-potential leaders**

Key Benefits:

  • Become a more transformational leader to help others learn and start new ideas.

  • Help others learn innovation through design thinking.

  • Make your meetings more engaging through design thinking facilitation.

  • Join a collaborative experience to design an innovation program you can use.

  • Leave with a collection of resources you can use in your organization.

  • Gain small and simple techniques to apply design thinking for innovation on a regular basis.



Leading innovation with your team is new, different, meaningful, necessary across the organization, and extremely challenging. This is why we need to spend time learning it and prototyping it.


Many people in organizations have not truly learned how to innovate or help others learn new ways. This is why leading innovation can be a great challenge…since people are new to it and haven’t had a significant learning experience to help them. Many have a history as a part of a culture of execution and not a culture of innovation which is also required now. The age of acceleration we are living in requires innovation and to do new things in new ways to grow. This leadership workshop is designed to help you lead more human-centered, interactive and engaging meetings, workshops, and group sessions that help generate ideas and innovation. In this hands-on collaborative experience, you will participate in creative activities and learn how to use techniques and tools to confidently and actively facilitate others in design thinking and innovation projects. Learn, co-create, and enjoy design thinking with others in this inspiring human-centered half-day workshop. Become part of the Innovation Ecosystem.


After the Workshop:

Access to our online workshops and guides to help you use our innovation leadership and facilitation techniques and activities in your work.


Darin Eich Innovation Training

Dr. Darin Eich


Dr. Darin Eich is the founder of and author of Innovation Step-by-Step: How to Create & Develop Ideas for your Challenge and Root Down & Branch Out: Best Practices for Leadership Development Programs. He is a widely sought after design thinking expert, innovation workshop leader and keynote speaker as the CEO of Innovation Learning. Darin is known for making innovation fun, simple, and contagious to pass on. Darin has helped over 100 organizations from Silicon Valley to Boston to Singapore and Berlin with their culture of innovation. Darin designs and facilitates programs used by over 1 million people that have been featured in USA TODAY and offered dozens of times by the University of Wisconsin and Dartmouth College. He started in design thinking more than 10 years ago as the president of BrainReactions where he led projects for clients like P&G and the United Nations.   


The "Leading Innovation: Mindset, Skills & Action for New Growth" workshop you facilitated as part of CultureCon 2019 in Madison Wisconsin was amazing! Thank you for generously sharing your insights, expertise and valuable resources. I especially appreciate the gift you have for creating an environment where participants can learn from you and each other, are challenged to try new (and sometimes uncomfortable) activities in a safe space and have fun all at the same time. I'm excited about the foundational design thinking facilitation skills I learned at your workshop and am eager to leverage these skills to create positive change. The best part of the workshop is that it never really ended. You continue to serve as a mentor with the Innovation Training newsletters you send and the insightful LinkedIn post. Thank you so very much!

- Michelle Spehr, Health and Wellness Consultant

Thank you Darin for teaching state of the art techniques on how to lead interactive workshops/talks! I used some of the techniques -- breakout rooms, music and mural whiteboard -- during a talk I gave recently and the session turned out great! And I received an encouraging feedback from the host of the event: You have much gravitas as a speaker, and you have definitely inspired the organization this evening. Thank you for sharing your vision!

- Selamawit Zewdie, Ph.D.


StartingBlock Madison

Hosted by:

StartingBlock Madison seeks to create meaningful intersections that cultivate entrepreneurs, build innovative and growing companies, and drive new ideas into reality. Our 40,000+ SF entrepreneurial hub houses 30-40 of Madison's most promising and innovative startups, plus gener8tor (Wisconsin's nationally ranked accelerator), the Doyenne Group and Bunker Labs.


Attendees can park directly behind the building in the South Livingston Street Garage located at 111 S. Livingston Street, Madison, WI 53703. Full details, including parking rates, can be found here

Startup Showcase


Hear pitches from innovative companies who are developing products and services that are driving the future of work.

Additional startup companies coming soon!

Julie Choi Headshot (1) (1)_edited.jpg

Julie Choi

Founder & CEO, Pointr

  • LinkedIn - Black Circle

Pointr is a culture building app that makes relationships easy. We deliver a colleague network of personal insights shared by employees. High performing companies use Pointr to foster belonging and inclusion. Equip every leader and manager with instant relationship-centric data. From personalizing onboarding, to supercharging cohorts and ERG programs, see how easy it is to get started at


Kayla Lebovits

CEO & Founder, Bundle

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The concept of work no longer has physical boundaries, and we believe that neither should employee experiences. Bundle is a holistic employee experience company that helps organizations empower employees to be their best in all aspects of their careers and personal lives with unparalleled experiences. Our live, interactive 1-on-1 and private group sessions empower employees to improve their wellbeing, connections, and performance. Our platform hosts thousands of immersive sessions on a range of topics, such as Team Building, Wellbeing, Professional Development, Personal Growth, Skills Building, DE&I, and more. Our unique experiences bring together premium content and exceptional expertise to meet all employees' unique needs.

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Keegan Moldenhauer

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Originally formed to help students who lost their internships due to Covid-19 we are now expanding our mission to any student looking to boost their resume through real-world experience. We build student teams and lead them through a product design challenge. Along with learning the hard skills necessary to evaluate the viability, feasibility, and desirability of a product, we provide some of the soft skill development that makes an internship so valuable. The internship process is never easy. We're here to help.

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Lana Wood

CEO, Parsley

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Parsley's mission is to build tools that promote the economic flourishing of working people through: Empowering individual decision-making to result in greater economic security and long-term growth; ‍Assisting employers seeking to improve job quality, retention and advancement; ‍Supporting workforce development providers seeking to serve job-seekers more effectively; and ‍Informing policy-makers of the impacts of benefit rules on their constituents.

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