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Breakout Session

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Presentation Details

Accelerating change, uncertainty and disruption are constant. Companies of every shape and size must be agile to be relevant and adapt to our dynamic world. As passionate leaders of culture, we know that culture is core to our evolution. Together we are shaping new contexts for customer engagement and inclusive work environments that lead to sustainable business outcomes. Creating and inspiring high performing teams is essential to energizing workplace productivity where everyone contributes to transforming challenges to possibility, leading to better results for us all.


In this session, you will learn how to:

  • Develop practical steps and habits that inspire individuals and teams to be their best.

  • Create an energized culture in a hybrid work environment.

  • Unleash the power of cross-generational workforce.


Speaker Bio:

With over 20 years’ experience as both a top selling sales professional and a trained life coach, Rae is equal parts “corporate rainmaker” and “human whisperer.”  Rae’s years spent in high pressure results-driven organizations, coupled with her coaching practice, have given her the unique advantage as a cultural catalyst who has the credibility and authenticity to relate to teams in distress and the skills to help them realize their potential.

In 2014, Rae was asked to take on her self-described “opportunity of a lifetime” and establish the first-ever global sales training academy at SAP to break old molds at the company and infuse diverse, early talent into the organization. Since then, Rae has led the recruiting, training, and integration of over 2000 young professionals into the customer facing workforce in 70 countries across the globe, decreasing the average age of the sales force by 7 years and increasing women in sales by 4%. Graduates of the award-winning SAP Academy—which represents the largest investment in talent in SAP’s history—are bringing innovation to SAP’s customers and outperforming seasoned sales professionals. Today, Rae leads the Customer Success Workforce Transformation & Readiness team and is called on by top executives to transform some of the company’s most challenging status quo cultures. By taking a deeply individualized long-term approach to culture transformation and pioneering learning techniques focused on adaptive human skills, growth mindset, and collective intelligence, Rae has been able to turn underperforming teams with high turnover into top-performing teams that people love to work with and for. 

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