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Breakout Session

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Presentation Details

Forms of employee recognition and rewards have been a part of organizations for over a century to improve employee engagement and retention. Over the decades, approaches have been modernized and companies are implementing more holistic recognition strategies to improve the overall employee experience.  This session will share combined experiences and learnings from hundreds of organizations that have upgraded their recognition and reward strategy.


In this session, you will learn:

  • Why focusing on a Recognition strategy is critical in today’s workplaces and how it can be leveraged through economic uncertainty

  • The evolution of Employee Recognition, and why certain methods are outdated and no longer adequate on their own

  • Proven effective methods and practical solutions to creating a culture of appreciation

  • A live case study from OneStream on implementing employee listening into their organization.


Speaker Bios:

Rob Catalano

Rob has spent the last 20 years building HR Technology and advisory companies with the lens of a business leader, but more importantly as a People leader. Rob was on the founding team at Achievers where he spent 10+ years growing the organization, and his passion for improving the employee experience led him to co-founding WorkTango in 2015. He was named one of the 100 Top Global Employee Engagement Influencers in 2023 and loves speaking with the HR community at events across the world and bringing them together with his own event series called InnovateWork.  He is an avid hockey and volleyball player, traveler, used to play guitar in a metal band, and in his own terms a ‘pointaholic’ – he collects loyalty points for everything and anything!


You can reach him at or @RobCatalano on twitter. 

Jaime Seba

Jaime Seba is the Director of Talent Development and Engagement at OneStream Software, where she oversees learning, performance, onboarding, internal communications, and culture programming for a global workforce of more than 1,200 employees. She has more than 20 years of experience in talent development and inclusion.

Jaime’s career began as a Gannett News reporter before shifting into non-profit public education, where she developed the first LGBT-focused breast cancer awareness initiative through the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. Her move to corporate talent development began in the hospitality industry with Carnival Corporation for more than 12 years, before her transition to the exciting world of start-ups with Clutter Inc.,, and now OneStream. Jaime has also published 12 books on topics of diversity, equity, and inclusion for youths facing persistent prejudice.

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