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Presentation Details

Our companies are constantly striving for greater customer satisfaction and product or service
improvement, so why aren’t we giving the same vital attention to our strongest asset—our employees?


The workforce has dramatically changed, and a modern Employee Voice strategy is critical to
maintaining a workforce environment where employees can be engaged and inspired. There are proven
effective methods and practical solutions you can put into action to support an inspired future of
Employee Voice.


In this session, you will learn:

  • Why focusing on a better Employee Voice strategy is critical, especially during times of uncertainty.

  • The evolution of Employee Voice, and why certain methods are outdated and no longer adequate on their own.

  • Examples of companies that are doing it well.


Speaker Bio:

Rob has spent the last 20 years building HR Technology and advisory companies with the lens of a business leader, but more importantly as a People leader. Rob was on the founding team at Achievers where he spent 10+ years growing the organization, and his passion for improving the employee experience led him to co-founding WorkTango in 2015. He was named one of the 100 Top Global Employee Engagement Influencers in 2023 and loves speaking with the HR community at events across the world and bringing them together with his own event series called InnovateWork.  He is an avid hockey and volleyball player, traveler, used to play guitar in a metal band, and in his own terms a ‘pointaholic’ – he collects loyalty points for everything and anything!


You can reach him at or @RobCatalano on twitter. 

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