Breakout Session


August 10th at 2PM CST in Capitol Ballroom A

Chief Engagement Officer at

The Changing World of HR - Key Strategies for HR to Drive Employee Engagement and Performance in 2023  

by Rob Catalano (He/Him)

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Presentation Description


The changing workplace requires changing our strategies to engage and retain employees. This session will focus on the new ways companies are innovating in the space of employee engagement (to drive organizational change & business results). 


  1. Understand why new HR strategies are required in today’s changing workplace. 

  2. Learn about new trends in HR and get insight on how to apply them in HR strategies to improve employee and company success. 

  3. Learn approaches to leverage other leaders in the company to support and own employee engagement. 

  4. Gain insight on how to develop an employee engagement strategy that touches all parts of the employee lifecycle. 

  5. Learn to develop the right mindset, philosophy and approach towards being innovative and driving organizational change. 


Speaker Bio:

Rob is the Chief Engagement Officer at WorkTango, and has spent the last 17 years consulting companies on employee engagement while building HR technology and advisory companies. He is the Canadian Chairperson for The Enterprise Engagement Alliance, with a mandate to lead and help educate corporate, government and not-for-profit management on a formal process for implementing engagement across the enterprise community. He is active in the Engage for Success movement, focused on raising the profile of the impact of employee engagement on employee and business success, and he was named one of the 100 Top Global Employee Engagement Influencers in 2020.


He is an avid hockey and volleyball player, traveler, used to play guitar in a metal band, and in his own terms a ‘pointaholic’ – he collects loyalty points for everything and anything! You can reach him at or @RobCatalano on twitter.