Virtual Summit 2020


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Shane Metcalf (He/Him/His)

Chief Culture Officer

"Cultural Reinvention"

Presentation Date and Time - TBD

Presentation Description:

During this pandemic, the model of work has been cracked open. There is now more freedom and flexibility about where, and when, you work than ever before. COVID broke the mold of companies that had a more traditional mindset about the workplace. How exactly do we adapt our culture to a more distributed workforce, and for going back to our “new normal?”

Remote culture is definitely harder to build, but as we’re more deliberate about the way we’re engineering it, the easier it will be for employees to adapt. Being more deliberate about our communication cadence can help facilitate normal human interactions as it would be like if we were in the office.

Trust in organizations will be key to ensure employees know that they’re seen as doing their job well through managers granting trust. This will turn into better results across the company and alleviate the pressure employees are putting on themselves to show that they’re online and for managers to avoid micromanagement.

Choosing to embrace freedom and flexibility is a key driver of intrinsic motivation through autonomy. If we give people the freedom of where they want to work, we end up improving our culture and increase performance.

Now and going forward, we need to be deliberate in our actions as leaders and grant trust and increase flexibility for our people when it comes to where/when they work. There’s a huge opportunity for a reinvention of cultures in which we can up-level human beings over roles of being just employees.



1. How to lead with empathy and understanding
2. How to establish a relationship of granting trust vs. earning it
3. How to create mindful, and deliberate interactions with a distributed workforce



Shane Metcalf is a keynote speaker on building a world class workplace and one of the world’s leading pioneers in the space of cultural engineering and positive psychology. His insights have been featured in Bloomberg, Business Insider, Fast Company, Inc, Tech Crunch, and Washington Post. His firm has worked with thousands of corporations from around the globe like HubSpot, Spotify, and Citrix to systematically scale authenticity and create extraordinary cultures. As the Co-founder of 15Five, an 8 figure technology company, Shane and his team support HR Executives with data-driven continuous performance management. 15Five has won numerous awards for their company culture, including the prestigious Inc Best Workplaces award. As a keynote speaker, he can help any HR Executive with employee disengagement to maximize organizational health and create more cohesive leadership teams.