Breakout Session


August 11th at 1PM CST in Madison / Wisconsin Ballroom

Chief Executive Officer at

Working for the Future: How to Attract Top Talent 

by Steve Pockross (He/Him)


Presentation Description

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A dynamic change is upon the American workforce, as 4.3 million (2.9% of the entire workforce) people quit their jobs in August 2021. As we navigate towards the new normal, it is evident that candidates are seeking jobs that fulfill their passions, afford them flexibility and provide a greater sense of work-life balance. With the realities of “The Great Resignation” setting in, how can companies ensure that top candidates are sold on their opportunities? Steve Pockross has set his passions on running a people-first organization, doing so by prioritizing professional development, committing himself to 1:1 time with his team, and thoroughly building Verblio’s internal brand. In this session, Steve will share insights on how to attract top talent, why applying people-first marketing strategies to recruitment works, and how freelancers can provide solutions to employee shortages. 

Three Takeaways:

  1. What it means to be a people first organization 

  2. Why keeping brand marketing strategy works for recruitment

  3. How to attract talent aligned with your company’s goals


Speaker Bio:

Steve Pockross brings more than 25 years of startup, Fortune 500, and nonprofit experience to his role at Verblio. As CEO, he applies leading marketplace and SaaS principles to create an industry-leading content creation platform with 3,000 U.S.-based writers supporting the creation of premium content at scale in every niche. Verblio has been named an Inc 5000 winner 2x, a Mercury growth winner 5x, and was named a Colorado Company to watch in 2020. He also served in marketing, strategy, and operational leadership roles at LiveOps, Tendril, Western Union, Marketing Technologies Group and HSBC.