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Breakout Session

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Presentation Details

Terrance will discuss the 4 key tenets of how the Joint All-Domain Command and Control (JADC2) R&D
Center has completely tossed the military hiring book out the window to hire and lead with the intent to
form an inclusive, high-performance culture through intentional leadership, enabling every employee to
contribute to the mission and still be their authentic self.


In this session, you will learn:

  • Leadership starts from the hiring process.

  • Leadership continues through daily actions that build trust and establish accountability.

  • Leadership does not end until the employee is out in the door in their next position, better than where they started.


Speaker Bio:

Terrance serves as the Chief People Officer and Chief Information Security Officer of the United States Air Force "Joint All-Domain C2" R&D Center, steering the agency’s strategic vision, people-first culture, digital security posture and advanced warfighter technology development. A champion of inclusivity, he shapes high-performance, cross-functional teams that model and inspire a workplace based on trust, curiosity, integrity and excellence. His principle belief that empowered, diverse teams realize unprecedented innovation and secure strategic certainty has directly advanced 3 Department of the Air Force Operational Imperatives, garnered the agency over 20 corporate awards, and drove 45 critical National Security partnerships.

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