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Presentation Details

In this session, you will learn tested strategies to navigate red tape and secure agreements despite the "impossible" situations created by complex bureaucracies.

After this session, you'll know how to:

  1. Use emotional intelligence to manage conflict

  2. See the big picture to find an 80% solution

  3. Use common ground to secure meaningful compromise


Speaker Bio:

Terrance serves as the Chief People Officer and Executive Vice President of Special Projects for the United States Air Force "Joint All-Domain C2" R&D Center, steering the agency’s strategic vision, people-first culture, digital security posture and advanced warfighter technology development. A champion of inclusivity, he shapes high-performance, cross-functional teams that model and inspire a workplace based on trust, curiosity, integrity and excellence. His principle belief that empowered, diverse teams realize unprecedented innovation and secure strategic certainty has directly advanced 3 Department of the Air Force Operational Imperatives, garnered his agency over 20 corporate awards, and drove 45 critical National Security partnerships.

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