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Presentation Details

A strengths-based culture and strengths-based approach is a powerful differentiator that helps companies attract top talent, bring out the best performance in every employee and create organic business growth. Gallup has studied and worked with the world's leading strengths-based companies -- the companies with top engagement and performance -- and they understand what the top organizations do differently to achieve top results with strengths. Learn from a Gallup senior expert who will discuss strategies for building a culture of strengths through development, coaching and engagement.

After this session, you'll be able to:

  1. Understand how a strengths-based workplace culture drives organizational performance.

  2. Start building a positive culture within your team.

  3. Apply learnings from strengths-based organizations case studies.


Speaker Bio:

Vibhas Ratanjee is a Senior Practice Expert and Global Practice Leader for Leadership Development at Gallup, a global analytics and advice firm that helps leaders and organizations solve their most pressing problems. With over 25 years of experience in organizational development, culture change, M&A integration, and executive-level engagement strategies, Vibhas helps clients achieve sustainable performance improvement and transformation.


Vibhas is also an Executive Advisor and a certified Design Thinking Master, who specializes in applying a multi-disciplinary approach to change and innovation. He leverages his expertise in behavioral economics, appreciative inquiry, and strengths-based leadership to coach and consult senior executives and CEOs across various sectors, especially healthcare, retail, and financial services. As a speaker and author, Vibhas has published multiple articles on leadership and organizational development, as well as the impact of technology on the future of work and customer experience. He is also an advisory board member of the University of California Riverside’s Executive Design Thinking program. Vibhas is passionate about creating positive change and empowering leaders to achieve their full potential.

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