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Breakout Session

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Presentation Details

Gallup's latest research shows that just 1 in 5 employees can strongly agree that they feel connected to their organization's culture. Many factors seem to contribute to this - prime amongst them is the radical shift to remote and hybrid working. Our research shows that almost 3 in 5 employees prefer hybrid working. Vibhas will share the latest research and strategies from Gallup for navigating critical workplace challenges such as culture, hybrid working, wellbeing, and burnout.

After this session, you'll know:

  1. The latest Gallup research on culture, well-being, and remote working.

  2. Best practice strategies on culture and engagement building from the world's most engaged organizations.

  3. Leadership strategies on culture building and driving adoption of high-performance behaviors and ways of working.


Speaker Bio:

Vibhas Ratanjee is a Senior Practice Expert and Global Practice Leader for Leadership Development with Gallup, based in Austin, Texas. Vibhas specializes in organizational development, culture change, M&A integration, and executive-level engagement strategies, including strengths-based leadership and succession management. Vibhas is also an executive coach and a leadership consultant to senior executives and CEOs. Vibhas works extensively in the healthcare, retail and financial services sectors.


Vibhas' work with clients is firmly rooted in a multi-disciplinary approach to design, change, and transformation. His work is at the intersection of Design Thinking, Behavioral Economics, and Appreciative Inquiry.


Vibhas is also a well-known speaker and author and has contributed several articles on leadership and organizational development, as well as how new technology will alter the future of work and the customer experience. His writings, research, and work have been featured in several global publications, including the Gallup Business Journal, Forbes, and the Harvard Business Review. Vibhas is also a regular expert contributor to the American Journal of Managed Care, where he writes about healthcare technology and the healthcare employee experience. Vibhas also serves as an advisory board member to the University of California Riverside’s Executive Design Thinking program.

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