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Beth Ridley

Owner at The Brimful Life

"Be a Better Leader with Positive Psychology"

Wednesday, November 17th, 2021 at 10:15AM (CST)

Presentation Description:

Conferences, workshops, consultants, coaches – leaders do it all to build their competencies and improve their teams. But why should you spend all this money when the best approach to being a better leader involves easy tactics you can do for free? (Yes, free!) It’s all about applying best practices from positive psychology, the scientific study of what makes people thrive. If you’re a leader or aspiring leader, these practices could completely change the game for you and your teams! In this session you will learn about: a) positive psychology (the scientific study of what makes humans thrive), b) five positive psychology practices that boost positivity and overcome burnout (happy habits), c) my experience adopting positive psychology practices to become a more inspiring and impactful leader, and d) easy to implement tips to integrate positive psychology practices into daily life.

Three Takeaways:

  1. An understanding of positive psychology principles and why they work

  2. Inspired to integrate positive psychology practices into leadership

  3. Tips to easily implement positive psychology practices immediately



I believe everyone has the potential to live fully by embracing a positive mindset. That's why I combined my 25 years of corporate leadership experience with my expertise in positive psychology and diversity and inclusion to create The Brimful Life, a career and culture wellness company. Through speaking, workshops, consulting and my podcast series, I help professionals thrive in their careers and help leaders create inclusive and inspiring organizational cultures.

From start-ups to Fortune 100 companies, I’ve led strategy, sales, training, operations, diversity and inclusion and client experience functions across the globe in five different countries. I am a graduate of the University of Virginia, Tufts University and Columbia University. I live in Wisconsin with my husband and three kiddos. I live a brimful life by running, speed skating and watching cooking competition shows on TV which is ironic because I really hate to cook.