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(+) Aligning Leadership

(+) Data Driven Culture

(+) Setting Vision, Mission and Values


Jeff Dieffenbach

Staff Director, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

"A newcomer looks at culture: mission, vision, and values are NOT culture … what data can tell us about culture that works and how to get there"

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2021 at 10:15AM (CST)

Presentation Description:

It’s tempting for leadership to imagine they play the most important role in setting organizational culture. Mission. Vision. Values. At best, however, these elements *guide* culture. Rather, culture *emerges* from the intersection of these elements with stronger levers: individual and collective behaviors throughout the organization.

The speaker brings a fresh set of eyes to an examination of culture and its effect on organizational success. Drawing on work by an enterprise collaborator with more than a decade’s worth of culture research under its belt--reflecting surveys of tens of millions of employees across tens of thousands of organizations--the session explores dimensions of culture and the association of these dimensions with success.

With that analysis as input, the session turns conversational. Participants discuss the dimensions of culture that matter with the goal of coalescing around how best for leaders to nurture--not dictate--their culture’s emergence and capacity to be sustained and enhanced over time.

Three Takeaways:​​


  1. Culture emerges FROM an organization ... it isn't dictated BY the organization

  2. Not all culture is equal ... different cultures drive different outcomes

  3. Knowing 1 and 2, leaders can effectively nurture culture



Jeff Dieffenbach is passionate about learning in all its forms, from birth-preschool to K-12 to higher education to workforce development. He serves as the Associate Director of the MIT Integrated Learning Initiative (MITili), which funds, connects, and shares research on effective human learning across these demographics. This research explores how differences in learners, instruction, and policy lead to different learning outcomes. Previously, Jeff served in senior product management and other roles across a range of traditional and digital education companies. In parallel with his professional work, Jeff served for ten years as an elected school board member in a suburban town west of Boston. Jeff earned master's degrees in Technology and Policy and in Materials Science and Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.