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Phillip Meade

COO at Gallaher Edge, LLC

"How Evolved is Your Culture?"

Wednesday, November 17th, 2021 at 12:45PM (CST)

Presentation Description:

Following the Space Shuttle Columbia accident it was found that, “the NASA organizational culture had as much to do with this accident as the foam.” Before NASA could launch again, Congress mandated they address the organizational and cultural issues. Dr. Meade was asked to lead this effort at the Kennedy Space Center, working with a complex technical organization of over 16,000 contractors and federal workers.

There are two challenges when managing culture: first, it is unique to each organization; and second, it is based on the attitudes and beliefs which come from inside the heads of individuals. To address these challenges, we identify what the common components across effective cultures while connecting them to foundational capacities at the individual level.

Unfortunately, culture can’t be managed by working directly on the characteristics. Similarly, you can’t tell employees to believe a certain way. And yet, in order to manage culture, you must connect the individual capacities to the organizational characteristics. But how?

Dr. Meade will present the “missing link” that is required to connect the individual to organizational culture. By focusing on creating and strengthening these links, you can intentionally transform and manage your culture from the inside out.

Three Takeaways:

1. Describe what culture means in tangible terms that inform your choices to create the culture you want.

2. Identify the missing links you want to bring to your culture to make it your competitive edge.

3. Describe the impact of culture on organizational outcomes such as productivity, retention and the bottom line.



Dr. Phillip T. Meade has a passion for creating superior organizational performance. He is a dynamic speaker, consultant and trainer focused on applying the science of human behavior to organizations to drive strategy, improve collaboration and create enjoyable workplaces. Dr. Meade has worked with a wide variety of companies to transform them from the inside out by starting with the self and applying a systems view of the organization. He has also led teams and organizations for over 27 years, serving at various levels of leadership.
Following the Space Shuttle Columbia accident, Dr. Meade led the organizational and cultural changes necessary for return to flight at the Kennedy Space Center, employing innovative techniques to align organizational systems, processes and leadership behaviors to drive sustainable change. Under his leadership the organizational and cultural changes instituted were recognized as the benchmark for culture change. Dr. Meade holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering, a Master’s Degree in Engineering Management and a Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering and Management Systems. He holds 2 patents, and has over 20 professional publications.