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Raphael Viton

USA Managing Partner at 

"Don't Focus So Much on Changing Culture...Learn to 'Prototype' It Instead"

Thursday, August 12th, 2021 at 1:30PM (CST)

Presentation Description:

If culture change is hard for you, you're probably doing it wrong. I will offer a few myth-busting ideas, invite the audience to consider a new paradigm and offer a simpler, faster and more effective approach for creating a Courageous Culture as a platform for rapid adaptation and growth.

Three Takeaways:

​1) Insist on strategic clarity & alignment on the "from-to" culture shift (if you don't have this you're screwed - don't bother investing in DOING anything else)

2) Focus on building a "coalition of the willing" - multiple 90 day sprints - expert infused business prototypes of the ideal culture (in the context of business under real deadlines/deliverables) to test & learn what works/doesn't work

3) Consider a new requirement/new data set required to trigger "scaling" (vs. "cascading")



Raphael Viton is a global consultant/facilitator, entrepreneur, author and professor who helps leaders prioritize and strengthen their innovation muscles/mindsets in order to upgrade and expand their capabilities dealing with the human side of change vs falling victim to our unconscious obedience to norms that lead to human downgrading-based business models/cultures. I focus on organizational culture transformation + high performance team programs + deliberate practices to support leaders driving better business results in the face of change.