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Ted Gurman

Coach & Behavior Architect

"Go Small or Go Home: Harnessing the Game-Changing Power of Tiny"

Wednesday, January 27th, 2021 from 12:30PM - 1:30PM CST

Presentation Description:

What’s the most reliable way to positively influence your organization’s culture? Starting with yourself, and transforming your own behavior.

What’s the most reliable way to transform your own behavior? Starting tiny.

In this smile-inducing, mind-expanding, and refreshingly accessible 60-minute interactive presentation, you’ll learn the fundamentals of the Tiny Habits Method, applying cutting-edge research from Dr. BJ Fogg’s trailblazing Behavior Design Lab at Stanford University to how you show up at work, or anywhere else in your life. You’ll leave with an understanding of how behavior works, why behavior change mastery matters, and how you can get started immediately creating habits that truly stick.


  1. An understanding of the Fogg Behavior Model and how to apply it to all forms of behavior.

  2. Pro tips for troubleshooting difficult-to-establish habits.

  3. A simple, accessible framework that can be shared with colleagues in the service of realizing personal and professional aspirations.



Ted Gurman is a Certified Personal Development Coach and Amateur-Yet Enthusiastic-Auctioneer who infuses a combination of playfulness and deep self-inquiry into his work with individuals, groups, and organizations. His coaching engagements, workshops, and presentations are informed by an eclectic array of professional experiences, from coaching sports (he gives a mean pep talk) to teaching Spanish (¡De verdad!) to founding a healthcare consulting company that eventually grew to over 300 employees before being acquired. Ted integrates research-driven tools and practices from the fields of psychotherapy, psychology, and behavioral science in his quest to foster positive change and alleviate suffering.