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UB Ciminieri

CMO & Co-founder at interviewIA

"The Code of Curiosity"

Tuesday, April 6th, 2021 at 10:15AM (CST)

Presentation Description:

“The Code of Curiosity: Unbiased Interview Strategies” begins a journey of awareness of our own biases. This session creates a safe environment for all of us to begin to explore all the influences that have formed our biases. It helps us develop a vulnerability to explore what triggers us, what causes us to express our biases in positive and negative ways. And it gives us hope through knowledge because we are all biased, we are not broken, and we are just human. Finding that common ground gives us all a starting point to work together to be more curious and to build a more inclusive workplace. We begin building that inclusion through the candidate experiences we create and the way we approach our interviewing, and this session will give attendees simple takeaways to make impactful changes to current interview processes.


Three Takeaways:​​

  1. How to be more aware of their own biases through a better, scientific understanding of why we're all biased

  2. Common mistakes and expert tips for interviewing

  3. How to build interview questions that drive curiosity and help you and your team "screen in" candidates instead of "screen out"



UB Ciminieri leads interviewIA's marketing and business development strategy through a constant state of innovation and "outside the box" thinking. He has taken his deep experience in client and customer solutions to build a company focused on people first, the value that every human brings to the table, and centered on belonging. Surviving workplace violence and his Latino background help define this work. As such, UB is an advocate for people safety and happiness. He thrives in helping people overcome internal obstacles and biases to be better humans to themselves and others. As an advocate he helps companies attract, hire, and develop more inclusive and diverse talent. He speaks about the future of work and building inclusive companies. UB is also the "six degrees of Kevin Bacon" in the HR world. In the Malcolm Gladwell framework, he is the ultimate connector. UB has an intrinsic ability to span many different worlds through his combination of curiosity, self-confidence, sociability, and energy.