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Fostering an inclusive culture of belonging is not exclusive to large companies with big budgets and big teams. With a team of one or two, you can still achieve impressive results for social impact, employee engagement, diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

In 2020, Duck Creek Technologies, an Insurtech company with 1,400 employees worldwide, had only one Employee Resource Group and relied on a single consultant for DEI initiatives. There was no plan or strategy. Now, there is a team of three and the program is entirely employee-led. The company has established eight Employee Resource Groups, a Diversity Council, an Employee Experience Council, a Cultural Ambassadors Program, and a Duck Creek Gives Back Council.

Duck Creek Technology has been successful despite facing budget limitations and operating remotely as a global organization. Success was achieved by involving as many employees in the effort and making it a grassroots movement. With a small, but strategic approach, the organization expanded the programs and focused on long-term goals, which enabled Duck Creek Technology to make significant progress in just two years.

After this session, you'll know to:

  1. Engage your employees to lead ERG’s and Councils

  2. Avoid some common missteps and challenges

  3. Celebrate your success

  4. Use your budget effectively to maximize your impact


Speaker Bio:

Amy Bayer is the Global Director for DE&I, Engagement and Culture at Duck Creek Technologies. Her role involves developing employee engagement programs and building the corporate strategy for fostering a diverse, equitable, and inclusive culture that instills a sense of belonging. Prior to her current role, Amy amassed almost 20 years of HR experience in a variety of roles across the technology, publishing, manufacturing and healthcare industries.

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