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Services Overview

Services Overview

Getting started is simple. After completing our intake form, we schedule an introductory call to better understand your business objectives and qualify the opportunity. After the call, we leverage our national network of vetted organizational culture experts to match you with a culture consultant who is uniquely qualified to help you achieve your growth goals. Once a match is made, your consultant will schedule a free, no obligation Discovery Call to scope the opportunity, ask questions, and deliver a proposal. 

By following this process, we become your organizational culture advocate, ensuring that your opportunity is properly qualified and matched the best consulting partner.

Common consulting engagements include:

Employee Experience (EX) Research

EX Research.png

At a time of fierce competition for talent, measuring the Employee Experience is not just a way to give your employees a voice, understand them better, and improve retention, but can also become a powerful recruitment tool.  Our experts are the very best at Employee Experience metrics--and at making actionable recommendations on how to capitalize on the results.

Talent Recruitment Tools, Processes, and Strategies


Since the talent hunt is so competitive, having tools, processes and strategies that differentiate your company in its search for talent could be what lands you great candidates who are just the right fit for your organization.  From recruitment to interviewing and evaluation, we'll connect you to experts who can help!

New Employee Onboarding and Training Programs


The days of onboarding and training new employees through unbearable sessions focusing on procedural and technical issues are long gone. This is an opportunity to go beyond basic information and turn new employees into engaged, enthusiastic, productive champions who understand and live your brand. Our experts will make sure of it!

Leadership Development and Coaching


Building bench strength doesn't just mean identifying and grooming the future leaders of your organization; it means making key people more formidable today!  Whether you have seasoned leaders striving to become more creative and inspiring or promising talent you need to develop, this is one investment you'll be glad you made! 

Change Management


People are resistant to change by nature; even change that is very likely to benefit them directly.  With a structured Change Management plan, you can turn reluctance into buy-in, and ensure the successful implementation of key initiatives. Our experts can help you both create and implement your Change Management plan!

Organizational Culture Health Assessment


Assessing your culture is necessary to ensure that the culture you aspire to have is experienced by everyone in the organization as you intended.  Just as importantly, as new people become part of your company, preserving the cohesion and sense of identity inherent in your culture becomes indispensable.

Team-building Simulations


Elevate your team's performance with team-building simulations based on the principle of synergy, where individuals working together can achieve greater results than they can alone. Serving as effective icebreakers to start conversations, break down barriers, and support the integration of new team members across face-to-face, virtual, or hybrid environments, these innovative simulations have been experienced by countless individuals worldwide and have yielded the benefits of increased psychological safety, improved performance, collaborative problem solving, and effective decision making.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Strategy


Like every important initiative, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion requires an effective strategy that achieves buy-in and creates enthusiasm across the organization. Our experts can help you craft and implement that strategy!

Company Identity: Vision, Mission, Values, and Purpose


If you thought that articulating your company's mission, vision, values and purpose required three-day wordsmithing retreats, you can breathe a sigh of relief! Our experts can help you in a way that's efficient and effective, and will also ensure that your processes and culture are consistent with your mission, vision, values and purpose.

Employee Learning and Development


Millennial and GenZ employees consider training a perk rather than a chore--and this is one investment that will affect their productivity, effectiveness, and long-term retention.  Our experts have created and delivered programs that go beyond the ordinary and will help set you apart!

Future State Culture Planning


Culture is not static; it's dynamic, evolving, and it doesn't "just happen."  Our experts will help you plan and shape your culture in a way consistent with your vision for the future.  

Culture-based Customer Marketing Plan

marketing plan 2.png

Many companies have a Marketing Plan that was created without culture in mind. What difference does culture make? It maximizes the effectiveness of a Marketing Plan (even one that already "works") and articulates benefits that the typical plan doesn't emphasize or ignores completely.

Culture-based Talent Marketing Plan

marketing plan 1.png

You market to different customer segments differently, but in a way that communicates your value proposition and competitive advantage. When it comes to talent, culture is part of that value proposition and competitive advantage--and it's time to stop treating all prospective employees as one large homogeneous segment. Our experts will help you create a culture-based marketing plan targeting talent, complete with effectiveness metrics.

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Consulting Experience

Comsulting Experience

Our consultants have been hired by companies including:

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And have had their expertise featured in:

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