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Presentation Details

In this interactive breakout, you'll explore compelling research demonstrating how constructive cultures drive engagement, financial success, and positive societal impact. You’ll gain insights into the pivotal role of leadership in modeling values, with a unique opportunity to assess leaders' ideal impact versus their current influence on culture.


You will experience an actual culture transformation success story from Madison-based ERDMAN, a leader in healthcare and senior living strategy, design, and implementation of healthier communities nationwide. Recognized as a Great Place to Work® and consistently ranked in the top 5th percentile of employee engagement, ERDMAN will highlight how they and the clients they serve are realizing the power of quantifying values and culture using the gold standard Organizational Culture Inventory® (OCI) survey.


In an interactive segment, participants will have the chance to sketch their own organization's culture profile, fostering engagement and deeper understanding. Lastly, we’ll review how we’re using the potential of artificial intelligence to help leaders and organizations identify their most effective levers for cultural change.


Don't miss this opportunity to learn about strategies for realizing your organization's values by aligning them with systems, structures, and leadership qualities. We will demonstrate that organizational cultural change is not only achievable, but we’ll also emphasize the need for leaders and teams to prioritize culture, and to actively manage and shape it.


Join us on a journey to revolutionize your approach to culture and drive positive change within your organization.

During this session, you'll explore :

  1. How to leverage the Organizational Culture Inventory (OCI) to accurately quantify values and culture, gaps between them, and levers for culture change to help your organization realize its mission and goals.

  2. The five essentials for successful culture change.

  3. How to leverage AI for culture transformation.


Speaker Bio:

Andie Hopkins oversees ERDMAN’s strategic culture and human capital programming. As a member of the senior leadership team, she shapes ERDMAN’s people strategy and leadership development at all levels. This is achieved by instilling a constructive culture and continually challenging team members to lead and bring their best selves to any situation. Co-serving with the senior leadership team as ERDMAN’s culture and organizational effectiveness champion, Andie focuses on backing major change initiatives, developing measurable training programs, providing extensive coaching, and leading process improvements. Andie’s impact is further amplified by culture-specialized accreditations including Organizational Development Certified Professional and several certifications from Human Synergistics, which specializes in organizational development and workplace culture.

About ERDMAN: ERDMAN is a nationally recognized leader in delivering high quality healthcare and senior living environments and innovative design. Together with our clients, we plan and develop solutions that enable extraordinary experiences and promote wellness and human-centered care. From planning through deployment, our distinctive Integrative Thinking™ methodology provides clients a streamlined and holistic approach to delivering their care model. Our drive to provide wellness doesn’t end with our clients. We approach our culture with the same attentiveness and constantly strive to provide a healthy environment for everyone who works at ERDMAN.

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