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Presentation Details

In this immersive session, we invite you to explore the intricate tapestry of workplace dynamics through the lived experiences of marginalized individuals. "Meritocracy, Mirrortocracy, and Marginalization: Bridging the Divide in the Workplace" promises an enlightening journey into the narratives of those directly impacted by the clash between meritocracy and mirrortocracy.


Led by esteemed speaker, author, and executive Bryetta Calloway, this session serves as a platform for marginalized workers to voice their stories—unveiling the barriers they confront in pursuing career advancement and a genuine sense of belonging. Drawing from Calloway's extensive research, participants will gain a profound understanding of the nuanced challenges faced by individuals occupying these intersecting spaces.


Moreover, this session is not just about highlighting the challenges; it's a call to action. Attendees will engage in discussions centered on actionable strategies and practical approaches to bridge the gap. By sharing real-world experiences and leveraging Calloway's research, participants will collaboratively explore ways to foster an environment that embraces diversity, equity, and inclusivity.


Join us in this transformative session as we delve into the heart of workplace paradigms, empowering attendees to actively contribute to creating a more inclusive and supportive work environment where every individual, regardless of background or identity, can thrive.

During this session, you'll:

  1. Gain insights into the tangible effects of these conflicting paradigms on marginalized groups within workplaces.

  2. Uncover the disparities in opportunities, recognition, and inclusion that persist despite the ideals of meritocracy and workplace equity.

  3. Gain the language to leverage insights from the session to create targeted support initiatives for marginalized groups.


Speaker Bio:

Bryetta Calloway is a Marketing and Brand Senior Executive, Growth Catalyst for Startups, Speaker, Mentor, Author, DEIB Researcher, and Entrepreneur. With a passion for democratizing access to tech, information, and support for historically marginalized thinkers, innovators, and founders, Bryetta has a background that spans tech startups, nonprofits, and academia. She has launched and grown brands across various industries, and her research on the barriers faced by Black women in professional development and corporate America was featured on Bloomberg’s Black Business Beat in 2022.


As a sought-after speaker, Bryetta shares her expertise on issues ranging from DEIB, leadership, and executive development, to corporate culture. She has worked with renowned organizations such as Alvin Ailey Dance Theatre, The Gay Men's Health Crisis, AIDSWalk, WeWork, Flatiron School, ThriveDX, LifeLabs Learning, Emory University, and MassChallenge. 

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