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Keynote Session

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Presentation Details

Work and the world won't ever be the same after 2020. Colin Mincy, known in the industry as a people, work culture and change leader, will talk about change - the difference between change that is perfunctory and responsive versus change that is strategic and well-informed.


Through masterful storytelling, Colin will share real examples of organizations that have embraced
change and those that have not, organizations with strong internal communications infrastructure that
allows them to create a solutions-focused mindset and fix things that are stuck before they become
greater messes, and finally, Colin will talk about the importance of personal change and the journey of
evolving to our greater selves, so we are poised to do our greatest work.


In this session, you will learn:

  • Case studies from organizations who resisted organizational change or fumbled when adopting a new strategy.

  • Tips for introducing change to an organization that isn’t fully ready for it and advice for how you
    can stay open to change on a personal level.

  • Actions leaders and engaged workforce can take TODAY to start changing mindsets, culture, and processes.


Speaker Bio:

Colin Mincy is the Principal of Colin H. Mincy Consulting which helps organization and its leaders actively listen, assess, and action plan around meaningful and intentional ways to be responsive to employee needs, build community, and ensure an engaged workforce that is respectful, safe, diverse, equitable and inclusive.


Prior to forming his own consultancy, Colin worked at Human Rights Watch, as their very first Chief People Officer. The organization elevated the role to demonstrate the organization’s commitment to implement diversity, equity, and inclusion strategies and to ensure a resilient and thriving staff in ways that reflect the organization’s global role, identity, and mandate. Colin sat on the Executive Team and directed the organization’s global human resources function. He oversees recruitment and hiring, international compensation and benefits, performance management, learning and development, and employee and labor relations.


Prior to joining Human Rights Watch, Colin was the Director of Culture and Change Management for George Soros' foundation, Open Society where he managed human resources operations, and labor relations for its US offices. Colin also worked at the International Rescue Committee leading the regional human resources function for its US and European headquarters. Previously, Colin worked in the finance and technology sector as HR Business Partner for the Americas CFO at Credit Suisse, Global Head of Human Resources at Tracx, and led SimCorp North America function in New York and Toronto. 


Colin serves as Board Chair for for Workforce Professionals Training Institute (WPTI), a non-profit training and technical assistance intermediary for New York City’s workforce and as a Board Member for Youth Represent, a non-profit dedicated to ensuring young people in NYC affected by the criminal justice system are afforded every opportunity to reclaim lives of dignity and engagement in their communities. He is also an advisor, alumni and volunteer of INROADS, the nation’s largest non-profit source of paid internships for diverse, high performing, undergraduate students. Colin has appeared on many global conference stages, LinkedIn for Non-Profits, LinkedIn Live, podcasts and other convenings where he frequently dialogues on an array of topics around leading with empathy, employee engagement, work culture, stress and resilience and DEI.

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