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Breakout Presentation

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Presentation Details

In an open, vulnerable, and honest opening conversation, Colin Mincy will take attendees through the impossible intersection of trauma, loss, and disappointment and how listening to and following your heart is a mechanism for personal healing and professional transformation.

Whether the source of your trauma is from life or work or both, Colin will share tools he uses to cope with stress and the stressors of life and work, how he centers his identity and MUST HAVES in life and work in ways that can't be negotiated, and the tools he now applies to his life and work that allows him to lead a more meaningful life and do his most transformative work.

After this session, you'll be able to:

  1. Create psychological safety around disappointment, conflict, tragedy, and pain for yourself and others. 

  2. Better understand the importance of vulnerability in leadership and how modeling it is a sign of strength.

  3. Fully embrace the saying, "it's okay not to be okay."


Speaker Bio:

After two decades of HR, Talent Development, Labor Relations and DEI experience, Colin Mincy founded a boutique consultancy called Going Beyond the Work, LLC partnering with organizations to strengthen and center equity, safety, cultural curiosity and collaboration to build thriving,and healthy communities at work. Our approach dismantles traditional, box checking, expensive and time-consuming initiatives that employees don't want, need or understand. The models from this venture are transforming work environments in both the public and private sector. 


Previously,  Colin served as the first  Chief People Officer at Human Rights Watch. In this role, Colin sat on the Executive Team and directed the organization’s global human resources function and reinforced and implemented the organization's first diversity, equity, and inclusion strategy to ensure a resilient and thriving staff in ways that reflect the organization’s global role, identity, and mandate 


Prior to joining Human Rights Watch, Colin was the Director of Culture and Change Management for George Soros' foundation, Open Society where he managed human resources operations, and labor relations for its US offices. Colin also worked at the International Rescue Committee leading the regional human resources  function for its US and European headquarters. Previously, Colin worked in the finance and technology sector for Oak HIll Capital, MEAG NY, SimCorp, Tracx and Credit Suisse. 


In addition to his role as a CultureCon Contributor, Colin is Board Chair for Workforce Professionals Training Institute, a NYC-based non-profit committed to activating the potential of professionals, the courage of organizations and the promise of workforce developments with a focus on increasing quality, impact, equity and job training for historically marginalized communities. Colin is also a Kunik Expert and Contributor and Founding Advisory Board Member for Hacking HR and has been a CNBC Workforce Contributor. He is also an INROADS alum and mentor and former Board member of Youth Represent and Jay Williams' Rising Star Youth Foundation.

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