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Presentation Details

"What will happen when we think about what is right with people instead of fixating on what is wrong with them?" -Dr. Donald Clifton (Creator of CliftonStrengths aka StrengthsFinder)


Ready to design your career development and growth with your strengths clearly in focus?  Join 34 Strong Co-founder, Darren Virassammy for an engaging and insightful discussion on Strengths-Based Career Development. He shares a bit of his personal story on where his strengths journey began after a single transformative moment with his 4 month old daughter in 2012.  Discover how leveraging your unique strengths can propel your career forward, fostering fulfillment and advancement. Through real-life examples, actionable strategies, tools, and data-based insights from research, you'll have the foundation for a Strengths-Based approach to navigate your career journey with purpose and clarity. 


You will learn about the Strengths-Based approach to human development from Dr. Donald Clifton’s life work.  You also will gain insights on how this focus can ripple through teams and organizations when applied to create engagement, alignment and better outcomes. If you are ready to have the tools for creating a career by focusing on what is right instead of fixating on what is wrong, you won’t want to miss this.  

After this session, you'll know how to:

  1. Identify Individual Strengths: Understand the importance of recognizing and leveraging individual strengths to drive personal and professional growth within public sector careers. (Attendees will have the opportunity to discover their Top 5 Clifton Strengths)

  2. Maximize Engagement and Productivity: Discover how embracing strengths-based career development can lead to increased employee engagement, productivity, and job satisfaction among public sector employees.

  3. Align Career Paths with Strengths: Learn how to align career paths with individual strengths, enabling employees to pursue roles that capitalize on their unique talents and abilities.


Speaker Bio:

Darren Virassammy is a TEDx Speaker with nearly a million views. He is Co-Founder and COO of 34 Strong, an Inc. Magazine Best place to work.  As a leading expert in the global employee engagement community, 34 Strong leverages the Strengths-Based approach to human development to successfully shift  culture and performance within organizations. 34 Strong has created sustainable changes in organizations including the FDA, The Honor Foundation, Cascade Health, CALPERS, SMUD and The California Department of Public Health. 34 Strong’s work has been recognized on Bloomberg network’s show: World’s Greatest.


Virassammy has been featured in publications including, Chief Executive magazine, Gallup, the Sacramento Business Journal and many more.  Darren’s television appearances include: Fox SF, KTLA, BOLD TV.  He is a regular on podcasts including Leadership and Loyalty, The Second in Command and many others.  He has hosted several podcasts including The Strengths Whisperer, and The Nature Advantage.  Darren has been featured in two of WSJ Best Selling Author Mike Michalowicz’s books: All In and Clockwork.  Additionally, Virassammy has been in other books including: The Second in Command, Cameron Herold, and How to hire the best: The Entrepreneur’s ultimate guide to attracting top talent, Dr. Sabrina Starling.


Some of Darren's keynotes include: The Personality Typing Summit, The Hitachi Global Women’s Conference, 15 Five, The Rotary World Peace Conference, and The Professional Grounds Management Society.  He is a facilitator for 5 time grammy award winning bassist Victor Wooten’s Center for nature and music, where he has worked closely with Joseph McClendon III, Tony Robbins’ co-facilitator and business partner of over 35 years. 


Random fun facts about Darren:

  • He is a bassist, martial artist, and SCUBA diver

  • He enjoys cold water plunges

  • He loves spending time in nature with his 2 kids and wife Lisa who recently beat breast cancer

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