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Presentation Details

So many employees and leaders approach AI with fear and trepidation. They worry about their jobs and being replaced with AI and bots. Join this discussion to learn another way to engage with technology and use AI to your advantage. See how AI can make our lives easier and be a force multiplier for efficiency and productivity. Gianna will share ways she’s tackled fears (her own and others in her org), and talk about how AI can be leveraged to make us even more critical (the very opposite of outdated!) in our organizations.

During this session, you'll:

  1. How to address fears around AI

  2. How to get started using AI

  3. Specific projects and ways that AI has helped me and my organization


Speaker Bio:

Gianna Driver is the Chief Human Resources Officer at Exabeam, a global cybersecurity company. As CHRO, Gianna manages the strategy and processes related to building, investing in, and retaining top talent at Exabeam. She’s responsible for architecting the company’s talent strategy, driving company culture initiatives, and leading the global human resources function. Gianna has been in the HR and tech industry for nearly two decades and is passionate about the intersectionality of people, productivity, and business results. She’s a contributing writer for the Forbes Human Resources Council and a frequent HR industry event speaker.

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