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Breakout Presentation

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Presentation Details

In this interactive presentation, you will gain valuable insights into fostering a connected and engaged remote workforce. The session will delve into a variety of virtual employee engagement strategies, providing a diverse toolkit of interactive virtual employee engagement activities. You will discover concrete methods to seamlessly infuse employee engagement strategies into your daily workflow, emphasizing the integration of short, impactful activities. The presentation will unveil the importance of creating a culture and climate plan based on data-driven insights. You will learn how to assess and understand your organization's current culture, derive actionable insights, and strategically plan for positive cultural transformation. With a focus on leadership buy-in, employee involvement, and continuous monitoring, you will leave equipped with the knowledge to not only harmonize remote teams but also implement sustainable employee engagement strategies that contribute to a thriving and inclusive organizational culture.

After this session, you'll:

  1. Have a list of virtual engagement strategies

  2. Understand how to infuse virtual engagement strategies into your daily workflow

  3. Know how to create a culture and climate plan based on data


Speaker Bio:

Greta Jackson, currently serving as the Director of Employee Engagement and Cultural Enrichment at Tegria, brings a profound blend of educational leadership and corporate expertise to her role. With a relentless commitment to fostering inclusive workplaces, Greta has been a driving force behind organizational transformation. Holding an Educational Specialist degree in Educational Leadership from Columbus State University and backed by a Master of Education from Kennesaw State University, Greta has a robust educational foundation complemented by certifications in Lean Six Sigma and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion from the University of South Florida.

In her current capacity at Tegria, Greta has been instrumental in crafting and implementing a Culture and DEI Strategic plan, driving meaningful change in the organization. Greta's leadership extends to the creating and leading Affinity Groups, and interpreting Employee Engagement Data for organizational growth. She has coached and trained leaders and teams, delivering insights for engagement surveys and championing initiatives for a more inclusive workplace. Greta considers herself a compromise broker.. Her dynamic leadership style and commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion make her champion for organizations looking to drive positive change and elevate their workplace culture.

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