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Presentation Details

Work isn't working.


Employee expectations are dramatically shifting, are we keeping up?


Generational expectations are changing, we're increasingly focusing on wellbeing and mental health, we're building towards an equitable future, the workforce is globalising, and all against a backdrop of technological revolution. This is our moment to look at how we shape the work experience differently.


How are people are experiencing work through the lens of sickness or health crisis, in times of challenge or during amazing life moments. What does that mean for us as people and culture professionals?


We'll be diving deep into the trends and data from a global piece of research into the humanisation of the work experience. And, we'll be taking that data and exploring how to apply it in the real world, as we design employee experiences from hire to retire.

After this presentation, you'll know how to:

  1. Leverage global research and data into the humanization of the work experience to build a business case for real change.

  2. Design employee experiences through a human lens.

  3. Use a "tactical kit" to make employee experience designs real across your organization, from hire to retire.


Speaker Bio:

Hattie is Managing Director and Strategy Chief at Home, a global employee experience agency.

Since joining Home, Hattie has shaped strategies that have resulted in significant cultural shifts for some of the world’s leading organizations.

Home’s vision is to make every employee experience a great one, from hire to retire.

Hattie does that through an employee-led approach to employee experience design, culture shift strategy, and innovative leadership development. Creating environments where people do their best work, driving better business outcomes.

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