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Presentation Details

In 2020, Reebok made commitments to United Against Racism (UAR) and embarked on a transformational journey. A key pillar of the UAR infrastructure was Change Management, which built its framework on community, courageous conversation, commitment, and change to unleash the potential of every employee, and consequently the brand.


This talk will focus on the Courageous Conversation platform where Reebok wrestles and leans into the tension that often keeps people apart. From DEI topics such as unconscious bias and privilege, to more conscious behaviors such as courageous leadership and listening. Twenty-five Courageous Conversations later, Reebok’s culture is transforming. 


Find out how Reebok is approaching culture transformation as they live out their brand philosophy, life is not a spectator sport and their mantra #bemorehuman. In this heartfelt, soul stirring, and inspirational storytelling of the Reebok journey, you will experience the strength, empathy, authenticity, and vulnerable leadership of its architect, Jasmine Bellamy, Reebok’s VP of Merchandising, Planning, & Allocation, Head of Reebok Culture, and creator & co-facilitator of Courageous Conversations. Be inspired by her bold mission to joyfully disrupt the status quo in the marketplace by putting love into practice to cultivate meaningful and lasting change. 

After this session, you'll know:

  1. What is Courageous Conversations?

  2. How are they transforming the Reebok community?

  3. How might they change me and my context?

  4. And in the words of Tina Turner, what’s love got to do with it?


Speaker Bio:

Jasmine Bellamy is a love practitioner, visionary strategist, and joyful disruptor who is a catalyst for business and culture transformation. A retail veteran, Jasmine is the Vice President of Merchandising, Planning, & Allocation at Reebok and the Head of Reebok Culture. She is the creator and co-facilitator of Courageous Conversations, a platform that engages issues of Diversity, Equity, and inclusion and inspires transformation in community, which places her among Sports Illustrated’s Top 100 Influential Black Women in Sports.


Jasmine earned a BS in Marketing Management from Syracuse University, Master of Business Administration from Fordham University, and Master of Arts in Theology from Fuller Seminary. In Fall 2023 she will embark on a new journey pursuing a Doctorate in Global Leadership focusing on the Redemptive Imagination of the Marketplace. 

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