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The success of any business is deeply intertwined with the well-being of its employees. But the rising rates of loneliness and depression, coupled with a pervasive culture of fear in the workplace, have made it increasingly challenging for managers to cultivate a thriving organizational culture. Outdated managerial practices that suppress the natural relational aspects of our brains only exacerbate this problem. It's high time we recognize the critical importance of nurturing team well-being and prioritize it as a fundamental aspect of any successful business strategy. Failure to do so can pose a significant threat to both individuals and businesses alike.

Historically, the marketplace's values have strained those within it, necessitating a new approach. "The Loving Leader: A Praxis for Culture Transformation of the Marketplace" by Jasmine Bellamy suggests that love's power can counter late capitalism's damaging effects. It urges leaders to joyfully disrupt current systems, fostering "new wave" leadership and paving new paths forward.

In this narrative, Jasmine Bellamy, a marketplace leader and scholar, shares her journey of organizational culture transformation. Through her framework and mission to disrupt the status quo with love, she offers practical applications for meaningful change from within. Be inspired by her commitment to fostering enduring change in the marketplace.

During this session, you'll explore :

  1. How might leading with love serve as a praxis for marketplace culture transformation? What are task positive and social networks and what do they have to do with leadership?

  2. How can a both/and approach where people and business flourish create a “new wave” leadership that becomes a catalyst for marketplace culture transformation?


Speaker Bio:

Jasmine Bellamy is a love practitioner, joyful disruptor, and a business and culture transformer. A retail veteran, Jasmine previously held the role of Vice President of Merchandising, Planning, & Allocation at Reebok and the Head of Reebok Community & Culture. A scholar practitioner focused on organizational culture and change management, she is the creator and co-facilitator of Courageous Conversations, a platform that inspires communal transformation, which places her among Sports Illustrated’s Top 100 Influential Black Women in Sports.


Jasmine earned a BS in Marketing Management from Syracuse University, Master of Business Administration from Fordham University, and Master of Arts in Theology from Fuller Seminary. She is currently a doctoral student focusing on the redemptive imagination of the marketplace. 

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