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Session Details

In the rapidly evolving landscape of the modern workplace, artificial intelligence has emerged as a transformative force, redefining the boundaries of innovation, efficiency, and collaboration. Standing at the crossroads of technological advancement and human-centric work environments, the question of how AI influences company culture has never been more critical. 

Join for an interactive panel conversation where industry experts, thought leaders, and pioneers in AI and organizational behavior will delve into the multifaceted impact of AI on company culture. This session promises to unpack the complexities of integrating AI into the workplace, exploring both the opportunities and challenges it presents.

After this session, you'll know:

  1. Strategies for Ethical AI Integration: Attendees will learn how to integrate AI ethically, ensuring transparency, fairness, and bias mitigation to build trust and inclusivity in the workplace.

  2. Blueprints for AI-Enhanced Collaboration: The session will provide actionable insights on using AI to improve teamwork and creativity, showcasing tools that automate tasks and enhance project management.

  3. Frameworks for Continuous Learning and Adaptation: Attendees will discover strategies for fostering a culture of continuous learning, emphasizing AI literacy and adaptive training programs to navigate the evolving work landscape.


Speaker Bio:

As a proactive and collaborative team expert, Dr. Julia Wiener has earned a reputation as an industry thought leader who is equally as analytical as she is visionary.

Julia was co-owner of a manufacturing, distribution, and e-commerce company that has gained recognition in Inc. magazine’s 2018 Top 5000 (Rank 1106) fastest-growing private companies in America. She and her partners took the company from its inception to an international company that shipped tens of thousands of packages each month and employed over 300 people. They sold the firm to a Fortune 500 company in 2019.

As owner of JW Strategies, Julia works collaboratively with executive management teams in driving leadership development strategies by designing and implementing programs that meet the needs of a diverse workforce. She focuses on organizational structuring, change management, culture improvement, and executive coaching. Julia’s personal profile is shaped by a superior work ethic, and an integrity-driven competitive nature that motivates her to exceed goals and energize those around her.

Julia lives in Allen, TX, with her husband, seven-year-old daughter, two-year-old son, and an angelic son whom she fervently wishes was still with us. The heartache of losing a child during the height of the pandemic was unspeakable, and the hope he represents for her fuels her community endeavors, emboldens her business adventures, and sweetens every loving moment she gets to spend with her family. Julia serves her church wholeheartedly, leads the board of directors for Attitudes and Attire as their VP, and is a longtime board member at CommonGood Medical – both local non-profits that fulfill her passion for helping underserved communities and empowering women.

Julia earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration, an MBA, and a Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership where she researched organizational culture and its effect on innovation. She is currently pursuing an executive coaching certificate from Brown University and is a member of Leadership Allen Fairview Class 35.

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