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Session Details

Leveraging analytics and employee feedback can lead to more engaged, satisfied and productive workforces. In this interactive panel discussion, organizational culture experts will explore innovative, data-driven strategies for improving employee experience within the unique working environments of higher education and government sectors. Discover practical approaches to implementing these strategies and witness firsthand the transformative impact of data on enhancing workplace culture.

After this session, you'll be able to:​​

  1. Understand the power of data analytics to identify key areas of improvement within your organization, allowing for a more targeted approach to enhancing the employee experience.

  2. Apply proven strategies and best practices to increase employee engagement and satisfaction into your own organizations.

  3. Implement practical steps and apply data-driven strategies in your workplaces to help foster a positive and inclusive workplace culture.


Speaker Bio:

From the State of Wisconsin to the University of Wisconsin, this gubernatorial appointee was in the front row during some of Wisconsin's biggest changes in the public sector and higher education.

Her master’s degree from Purdue University has gotten quite a workout. Molly's entire career has been focused on communications and policy through her high-level experience as the Policy Initiatives Advisor and Communications Director for the Office of the Secretary at the Wisconsin Department of Administration, as gubernatorial Director of Strategic Communications appointee at the Wisconsin Department of Corrections, Special Assistant to the Vice President of Academic Affairs for the University of Wisconsin System, the Chief of Staff and Executive Director for External Relations for UW-Extension and UW Colleges, and other University of Wisconsin positions.

In addition to research, Molly also contributes to crisis communication, media strategy/training, stakeholder engagement strategy, government relations, and internal communication strategy.

When not at the big table, Molly can be found in her driveway throwing pots on Patsy her pottery wheel or doing something creative/messy with her small children, JK and Olive.

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