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Presentation Details

In a 2022 survey conducted by Harvard Business Review, 97% of HR leaders indicated there were improvements in DEI within their organization. However, the same survey indicated that 37 percent of employees felt that DEI improvements were not initiated.  


What is the disconnect between DEI actions driven by HR or DEI departments and an employee’s experience with equitable, inclusive, and belonging outcomes for diverse groups? 


As HR and DEI professionals, we have an opportunity to reimagine how we support diverse employees through intentional, well-socialized strategic DEIB/HR integrations that focus on the holistic employee experience. 


This session will provide you with an opportunity to reimagine how an internal partnership between HR and DEIB offices can be leveraged to improve an employee's overall perception and experience in this space. Nancy will share her organizational journey with DEIB integrations and HR collaboration. We will cite two internal case studies, a Learning and Development roadmap and an Employee Relations approach, to demonstrate how an intentional partnership can drive long-term strategy, organizational-wide buy-in and individual and collective responsibility for ensuring the success of DEIB integration across organizational systems.   


During the session, we will detail the steps taken to develop the programs, policies and protocols, and the active partnership between HR and DEIB, along with actions taken to ensure employee and leadership buy-in through targeted socialization, communication and feedback loops.  

During this session, you'll explore:

  1. What kind of acorn are you? Providing you with a tool to help identify where your organization is in its maturation process and determine what type of DIEB/HR integration needs to be implemented to stimulate healthy growth.   

  2.  Cultivating Strategy. Providing you with a DEIB/HR Strategic Overview Phase template that models initial steps that need to be taken to prepare organizations to adequately sustain a culture capable of developing acorns (employees who can be a catalyst for change) into thriving oak trees (employees who positively influencing cultural transformation as individuals).   


Speaker Bio:

Nancy Moricette has 10 years plus experience facilitating conversations, workshops and seminars on incorporating cultural competency and humility into workplace systems. Some of her speaking engagements have been for REI, Leimert Park Collective, Accept Inc. Legal Counsel, 826LA, Gabriella Foundation-Everybody Dance, the Assistance League of Los Angeles, The Wilma Theater, The Williams Project and Canada College.   

Nancy is the Director of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Belonging and Justice at WES, is a non-profit social enterprise supporting the educational, economic, and social inclusion of immigrants, refugees, and international students. WES employees are mission-driven; therefore, as racial and political biases began to play out on the global stage, our employees, like employees everywhere, asked us to do more to foster inclusive, belonging, and equitable practices for diverse intersectional communities.  

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